January 27, 2010
Categories: Photography
…and Visions of Tax Returns Danced in My Head!
Right now, we are in savings mode and as a result, I am doing my best to save my money rather than spend it – of course that isn’t easy when you’re going to home shows and going out to dinner with friends, but I’m not complaining. Then it occurred to me that I should be receiving a tax return in the coming months [insert happy dance]. With that in mind…and my husband giving me the green light to use some of the money towards photography, I started to create my wish list. What am I missing (btw, my current camera bag is on the right)? 
Backup External Hard Drive (at least 500 MB)
and…maybe down the road, a wide angle lens – I just don’t know what I want in that department. This doesn’t mean that I’ll get these items, but a girl can dream, right?
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