January 07, 2010
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My Favorites
It seems that the latest trend these days is to create a 101 things to do in 1001 days…or the ever popular, New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll be honest…I don’t think I can even imagine 101 things to do – not without really stretching it (and I hate New Year’s Resolutions). Although, I do understand the intent behind this latest trend. For me, I find myself slowing down and wondering, “what’s next?” I’ve been out of school for nearly six years, I’ve got my career moving (even if it is a little slower than usual right now), I’ve gotten married and we own a home. I imagine that the next step would be to have children, but that’s a few years away from now – we do want to enjoy married life for at least a couple of years. Therefore, rather than dwell on “what’s next”, I thought I’d re-visit my favorites. 
  • GOD – he/she is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, it seems that I’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship with God over the past few years. When I need God, I’m quick to prayer, but when I don’t “need” God, I tend to turn on my autopilot and fly with the wind. If God is going to be my FAVORITE, I have to spend time with him/her on a more regular basis. 
  • My husband quickly follows God as my next favorite. He is my best friend and manages to stay by my side even when I’m at my worst, which clearly says a lot about him. He hasn’t watched serious football in years due to our never-ending project list, he cooks, he cleans and his love for me is never-ending. For his sake, I think I’ll take over the project list so he can get back to his favorites!
  • My family is definitely on my favorite list. Now that our family is spread across the state, it’s sometimes a challenge to see everyone on a regular basis – especially during the holidays. I thought we were going to lose our minds as we traveled back and forth across the state. Fortunately, the only thing we lost was our health…that’s right, Jeremy was sick the whole week of New Year’s and I’m feeling a little weak myself right now. No fun! In all seriousness, we are really blessed to have such a wonderful family.
  • My friends are also on my favorite list. It’s funny how my circle of friends has changed over the years. We’re all so busy these days, that we literally have to schedule get-together, but I love catching up with everyone. I’m looking forward to a new year with many more opportunities for fun, friends and fellowship. 
  • Photography is my favorite hobby. I remember taking a class in high school and I loved it! I know that I learned the basics on my parent’s old SLR camera, but I can’t say I remember much from the darkroom days. I recently bought a Canon Rebel XSi and have found myself itching to get creative again. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve successfully annoyed our families and some friends by keeping a camera in their face…but it’s the only way I’m going to learn (with the exception of all the reading I’ve been doing and maybe a workshop down the road). There are so many things I want to try – I can’t wait until it’s warm outside and daylight lasts longer than 5:30 pm so I can really get to work. If you want to be a test dummy, just let me know.
 On a sillier note, I have other favorites that are worth noting: 
  • I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yeah, it may be a “kid’s” cereal, but I love it all the same. I personally enjoy eating it in the morning as I am getting ready. 
  • I love York Peppermint Patties. I keep a dish on our coffee table for the sheer reason that it’s a perfect compliment to any meal. 
  • I love my morning coffee. I’m not one of those people that drinks coffee all day, but I love drinking a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Furthermore, I love the Tassimo we received for our wedding – it makes coffee even easier. Jeremy was resistant to it at first, but now he loves it too.
  • I love sunny days – they make me feel alive. I can’t wait until Spring.
  • I love rainy days – they’re great for sleeping in and getting some much needed rest. I just don’t love cold and rainy.
  • I love singing in church…and that emotional feeling I get each time I sing the words to my favorite songs. I also love singing and pretending to play the drums in my car – taps into my inner rock star.
  • I love turning our house into a home. I’ve found myself sitting quieting in one part of the house, simply admiring our home. 
  • I love something old…and something new. Being reminded of the past can be a good thing, but keeping your mind open and fresh is equally important.
  • I love staying healthy. It’s been quite a chore to go to the gym 3-4 times a week, but I love being in shape and having clothes that fit well.
  • I love writing, but not necessarily talking. I really stink at making phone calls (other than to my mother and husband), but I enjoy writing letters. When I was much younger, my mom thought I’d become a children’s author. Perhaps when I have children of my own, the stories I once imagined will return. 
I’m sure I have many more favorites. In 2010, I think I will certainly remember all the things I love. More importantly, I will continue to stay true to myself and the people around me. At the end of this year, if I can look back and still appreciate all of my favorites, then it will have been a good year. Heck, I might even find a few more favorites.
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