Before & After

March 31, 2010
It’s been a while since I’ve done a Before & After, but the photography board ladies threw out a few challenges today, so I thought I’d take advantage of another editing opportunity. I’ll consider this my reward for finishing up my work assignments this week – so what if I was staying up late and waking up early for several days because I procrastinated…I got it done!First up, meet William. It looks like he’s taking a bath and he’s so cute, but the photograph needs a little work. For this edit, I cropped the photo and then ran the photo...
Dramatic B&W

March 29, 2010
This week’s i ♥ faces photo challenge theme is: “Dramatic B&W.” I decided to pull a photo I took a couple of weekends ago. My husband grew up playing football. This photograph makes me feel like a football player about to enter the field for the big game. I can imagine the crowd, the cheering, the rush…My original edit used Coffeeshop’s Butterscotch Vintage – I still really like that edit as well. You can see it here. Now that you’ve seen mine, go see some of the other entries at: 
Saturday Beauty

March 28, 2010
Last week, while I was in Minnesota, my husband did a little work in the yard. Meanwhile, the “Bird” family decided to make a nest on our front door. I think he tried removing the nest once before, but I insisted that he leave it this time…they weren’t hurting anyone and our trees aren’t quite big enough for a nest – our front door would be as good a home as any for our feathery friends. Tonight, I thought I’d share my husband’s work in our front yard…from a macro perspective. He’s so good…and I’m so proud. This time, I...
Fix-It Friday

March 26, 2010
This week’s photo comes to us from Natalie from And Then There Were Three. This is her daughter, Abigail – isn’t she cute? Although I typically like to add a vintage look to my photos…and I was hoping to test out PW’s new PSE actions, this photo lent itself really well to a bright, happy finish. Here’s my steps: I used DP’s Perfect Workflow first – I’ve found this is really a great way to do a lot of post-processing as quickly as possible.  Next I used PW’s Bring Out the Eyes action. I did a little additional dodge and burn to...