March 26, 2010
Fix-It Friday
This week’s photo comes to us from Natalie from And Then There Were Three. This is her daughter, Abigail – isn’t she cute?
Although I typically like to add a vintage look to my photos…and I was hoping to test out PW’s new PSE actions, this photo lent itself really well to a bright, happy finish. Here’s my steps: 
  1. I used DP’s Perfect Workflow first – I’ve found this is really a great way to do a lot of post-processing as quickly as possible.  
  2. Next I used PW’s Bring Out the Eyes action. I did a little additional dodge and burn to bring out the best of those beautiful brown eyes. You can see all of her actions here
  3. I applied PW’s Fresh Color action.
  4. At this point I did a little red skin repair…she didn’t need much, but I felt like if I was going to do an edit, I might as well clean it up a little. 
  5. I applied PW’s Warm it Up action at 25%.
  6. Finally, I resized and sharpened for the web. 
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