March 22, 2010
Categories: Photography, Ramblings
Go Pack!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that my husband suggested we go out to NC State’s campus for a little photography session.
  1. This was a great idea. 
  2. I’ve never fully walked around NCSU’s campus…and it’s not just a pile of bricks. 
  3. Jeremy is an excellent model. 
  4. I really need to learn how to capture flowers (probably should bring my macro lens with me next time).
  5. I still need to work on my focus.
I thought I’d share a few of my favorites: 

This one might make a cool texture for later. 

Now that it’s warm out, maybe we’ll make our rounds to the other local colleges and universities. Hope you enjoyed the photos and have a great week! 


    stunning ashley! I love the brick closeup. Are they really pink irl or is it my monitor???

    Yes – they really are more of a pink color with beautiful swirls. State’s campus is full of bricks – I think they get some sort of donation each year. I spotted these and had to snap a shot.

    I love the magnolia!!!

    I posted earlier but for some reason my cmt didn’t come out. 1st off GO PACK! My favorite ones were the wolf, the tunnel (AWESOME!) and one before the last.

    These are great!

    I’m new to your blog, but I am an NCSU alum and these pics take me back! Love your work!