March 24, 2010
Categories: Photography
Spring is Here!
I took these shots over the weekend at NC State. They are my first attempt at macro photography, although I didn’t exactly bring my macro lens with me (oops) – I’ll have to remember for next time.

You’ll also see that I’ve experimented with my post-processing. Since I don’t have many people to photograph right now, I may actually have an opportunity to develop this area of photography. What better time than now, right? 

So, what do you think? Bring it on…I can take it. 


    I really like them! I would check your processing on a couple (3 & 4) it looks like some of your channels might be blown.

    beautiful!! I love the colors.

    The whites are a little blown out in 3 and 4, but
    I actually like it like that for those pics! Beautiful shots!