April 16, 2010
Fix-It Friday
If you scroll through my blog, you can tell that I’ve been practicing my post-processing steps. Hopefully, I’m getting better…but practice makes perfect. Thus, the reason I love Fix-it Friday! This week’s photo comes to us from Debbie at 50 Cent of Your Love. This is another example of how some relatively simple post-processing and clean up make a simple image a beautiful portrait. Here’s the before:
I went through the following steps to achieve my edit (using PSE 7): 
  1. Adjusted the curves to correct the exposure. 
  2. Ran Squeaky Clean for a crisp, clean image (I like running this before running any other actions). 
  3. Used Baby Powder Room to clean up her face. I tried using Powder Room 2, but I’m so used to the steps in Baby Powder Room. I was careful to apply the layers really lightly and then lower the opacity so she didn’t look fake. 
  4. Ran Perfect Portrait – enhanced colors and gave it a pop!
  5. Cropped in a little closer. 
  6. Resized and sharpened for the web.

Now that you’ve seen my edit, go check out some of the others.