April 11, 2010
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Weekend Confessions
We had a good weekend…a great weekend even. We started our weekend on Friday, with a date night: dinner and the David Gray concert. Phosphorescent opened the show. I’ve never heard of the group, but I’m liking their sound. Check them out!

On Saturday, we packed up the camera and went to Sarah P. Duke Gardens for the day. It was such a beautiful day that everybody and their mother was out…cameras and all. I believe there was even a wedding. I was a bit intimidated by a few of the photographers/cameras walking around – such massive equipment, such incredible lenses. If I’m completely honest, I felt like such an amateur. But, how am I supposed to learn if I don’t practice, right? I set the camera to aperture priority mode and started snapping. Everything looked dark…I mean, really dark. So, I allowed the camera to choose the ISO and shutter speed thinking I might do better…still dark. I’m convinced that my camera just under exposes as a rule – nothing a little post processing won’t fix. I took over 280 photos so I will be working through the editing for a couple of days, but I wanted to share at least one. 

Here’s my SOOC: 
It needed some post-processing to lighten, brighten and make the colors pop. So, here’s my brighten edit: 
Finally, I wanted to add a fairy garden/vintage effect.

Like I said, I have a number of other photos to work through. While I’m in California next week (maybe on the airplane or during my layover), I’ll edit the remainder of the photos and share with you. In the process of editing last night, my husband wanted to update my computer. I’m now working with Microsoft Office 2007…it’s pretty sweet. However, Photoshop Elements didn’t like all the updates and we had to take a little more time to update it. Thus the reason I don’t have more to share with you now.

Oh, I should also tell you that we’ve got new Azalea bushes in the front yard. This whole week has actually been the celebration of the Azalea Festival in North Carolina, so it was quite appropriate to plant a few azaleas  of our own. I might take a few pictures of them later today.

Alright, that’s enough rambling. I better hit the gym and pack for my trip. Have a great week!

PS: If you have any editing challenges or want me to write any specific PSE tutorials, just let me know. You can click the “email me” button on the right to contact me or just comment.
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