May 03, 2010
Before & After
I told you that there was more to come…meet Eliana. Her mother loves this photo of Eliana cracking her first smile. She thought it’d be perfect for her Baptism invitations, but didn’t like the shadow or scratch on her face. She thought it might be better in black and white. Either way, I agree – it’s definitely a photo worth saving!
My PSE editing steps on this one are pretty typical: 
  1. Ran Squeaky Clean to clean up the photo.
  2. Ran Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room on low opacities to give her a soft look and to even out her skin tone.
  3. Ran Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes action. 
  4. Used the healing tool to get rid of the scratch on her face
  5. Saved all my edits up to this point, renamed Clean Version.
  6. Applied Apricot Cream action for a stylistic finish.  
I did convert to black and white, but I think I prefer this apricot cream effect.
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