Before & After
Keli contacted me the other day with a picture of her adorable little girl. She wondered if I might be able to help her remove the little bumps around her nose (probably some sort of combination of boogers and rash). I wish there was a quicker fix…but the truth is, you just gotta get your spot healing brush out along with a big dose of patience. I did just that. 
Nikon 068 Before and After
I ran a pretty typical edit on this one: Adobe Camera Raw and Squeaky Clean. I go through these steps on nearly every edit just to get the picture cleaned up.  

I then created a number of duplicate layers. 
  1. One layer used a high pass filter, inverse, soft light blending mode with layer mask (fill black) and painted over skin to soften her skin. 
  2. Another layer was used to remove the bumps on her skin using the spot healing tool. I may have actually gone back several times with this one to get it right.
  3. I used even another layer to paint over her skin to even out her skin tone. As you see, I didn’t cover up the birthmark on her forehead. 
From there, I added just a touch of texture.
  1. RVT Green, Overlay, 60% opacity – painted off skin.
  2. Vintage Grain Overlay 5, Soft Light, 70% opacity – painted off skin.
Finally, I added Amy McMaster’s Berries N’ Cream action…adding a little more light (and then going back with the dodge tool to brighten any shadows). 

I hope Keli likes what I’ve done. Have a great day everyone!