Before & After: More for Care…
It’s getting late for me, but I wanted to edit the second photo that Care submitted for help. I followed essentially the same steps as my last edit with minor tweaking. She’s such a beautiful little girl, that she didn’t need much. 
_DSC2341-2- Before and After
Hope you like what I’ve done. Oh, and before I say goodnight – I’m shooting a very special portrait session tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to share a few favorites!


    Good job! Care’s DD is too dang cute :)

    Apparently we are all night owls! Thank you sooo much. I really love your twist on things. Good luck w/ your shoot tomorrow!!

    I forgot to say, it looks like a vintagey movie poster. Like she is in Gone w/ the Wind and yelling for her boyfriend to come back and get her. LOL. (Maybe it’s just too late and I am talking crazy talk!)

    And it’s actually 1:30 here, I don’t want you to think I was really posting at 4:30 am. wow. Ok thanks again!!

    Love the edit! I’m just starting our in photography (hobby) and blindly learning photoshop and stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for all of the great info. Can’t wait to see your future posts!