May 20, 2010
Before & After: Oompa Loompa
Allison‘s sweet baby boy has jaundice, as evidence by his oompa loompa photo below (I promise she used that language and I’m not making fun). She wants to use this photograph as a baby announcement, but doesn’t necessarily want him to be forever known as the orange baby…I get that. So, since I’m on a photo editing binge this afternoon…I took on the challenge.
cal1 Before and After
I didn’t write down all of my steps in as detail as I did with the previous two because I wasn’t sure how good it would turn out…but, I’m pretty proud of the outcome of this photo. He looks so sweet that I think Allison should have it blown up! The basic steps for this edit includ: 
  • Levels Adjustment: main levels – 8, 1.19, 255. Blue/Green levels – 5, 1.00, 255. 
  • Saturation Adjustment: decreased reds and yellows. 
  • Background Adjustment: selected the background, created a separate layer, placed a Gaussian blur adjustment and screen blending layer on the separate layer, then used a layer mask to brush around the edges of the baby so he didn’t have a big halo. 
  • Lighten (screen), Soften (high pass, inverse, soft light) and Sharpen (high pass, soft light) layers to make him baby soft (and to avoid using powder room). 
  • AMP’s Berries and Cream action to give him that beautiful baby look (because I didn’t like how bright the background was).
So that’s it…no more orange baby.