May 06, 2010
Before & After: Red Rover, Red Rover
I wasn’t going to blog my results on this one tonight, but it turns out I had a few minutes to spare. I don’t have many opportunities to edit doggy portraits, but I am in love with this one – and no, his name is not Rover (it’s Jagger). 

Lindsey needed some cloning help – I helped her and initially left it at that so she could apply her own editing as part of a set. Then she gave me the green light to go wild – in my world that means add texture plus an action…so I did. What do you think?
I’m often asked – do you download textures? Yes…and you can download them as well over at Shadowhouse Creations. You’ll just need to run a search on the specific textures I used. 
  1. To clone out the background, I used the quick selection tool to select the distraction. I then clicked DELETE and it was gone. Because I was working with a nice solid background, I was able to use the eye dropper to pick up the color and then used the paint bucket to fill in the space. I used a combination of cloning, healing and the paint brush to blend in the space. 
  2. Once that was done, I ran Squeaky Clean…because I love that action and it’s got all my work steps thrown into one. Thank you Amy McMaster!
  3. I then used Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes to…bring out the eyes.
  4. At this point, I decided to layer my textures – in this order: 
    • Cover Texture – Overlay – 100% opacity
    • Ghost – Multiply – 100% opacity
    • Chaos 2 – Soft Light – 72% opacity
    • Copy the background, move to the top of the layers – Hard Light – 65% opacity
    • Aged 2 – Soft Light – 66% opacity
    • Grunge Box-9 – Soft Light – 60% opacity
  5. Once I merged those layers, I added Sugar Cookies by Paint the Moon. I adjusted the layers to my liking and called it a night…well after I re-sized and sharpened for the web.
Well, that’s all for now. Tomorrow is Fix-it Friday!
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