May 04, 2010
Before & After: The Wedding Dress
My PS tutorial counterpart over at 100 Things in 365 Days posted an editing challenge a few days/a week ago. A lot of girls from the photography board responded with beautiful edits. Yesterday, when I was looking for an editing challenge, she asked if I would mind editing her photo as well – I mean, no pressure or anything. 

I love the idea of having her wedding dress right beside her grandmother’s dress…why didn’t I think of that?! However, this photo is deceptively difficult (her words and I love them) because even though you think it’s a color cast/white balance issue…it’s a lot more difficult. And, quite honestly, I’m not sure that my edit is perfect, but my goal was to produce a vintage look.
So, my steps: 
  1. I started with the Raw photo in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) by adjusting the exposure, white balance and contrast. 
  2. I then brought it over to PSE and attempted to straighten the photo (I say attempt because as you can tell, I didn’t).
  3. I created a duplicate layer and did some cloning and healing on the outlets that you can barely see on the lower left side. 
  4. I then layered on two textures from Shadowhouse Creations.
  5. I set one of the textures to soft light and the other to overlay and adjusted the opacity until it felt natural. 
  6. I used layer masks to paint off the textures from the dresses.  
  7. Finally, I added Nelly Nero’s Hint of Vintage action and played with each layer until I was satisfied. 
Now, like I said…I’m still not sure this is exactly right, but I gave it my best effort. More later.