May 07, 2010
Fix-It Friday
Once again…it’s FRIDAY and I’m so excited for Mother’s Day weekend. One day, I’ll be a mother, but for now…I can look forward to going home and seeing my mom. Until then, today’s Fix-it Friday comes from Leticia from Blessed With Five Boys. This little boy has some piercing brown eyes and with just a little pop (and I really tried not to add much), they’re nearly jumping across the screen. 

Here’s the before: 
And here’s my “fix”:
I gave this photo Ashley’s special treatment, textures and all…
  1. Adjusted the curves just a little bit.
  2. Adjusted the skin tone and white balance to warm him up just a little. 
  3. Ran Squeaky Clean…because, that’s how I roll. 🙂
  4. Ran Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room to even out his skin tone and make him look baby fresh.
  5. Ran Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes (like I said, it didn’t take much for his eyes to go WOW).
  6. Decided that I wanted him to be moved over just a touch, so I cropped and stretched the canvas.
  7. Applied a combination of three textures from Shadowhouse Creations and Johnna LaFaith
  8. Applied Paint the Moon’s Sugar Cookies action and adjusted the layers to my liking.
  9. Added a light pink screen layer at 10% opacity.
  10. Burned the edges just a touch, then re-sized and sharpened for the web.
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