May 02, 2010
Categories: Photography, PSE
New Toys
If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I love actions…especially FREE actions. I also like to share, so I thought I’d show you my new toys. 

I recently found Johnna LaFaith’s work on It’s Times Like These. The first time I found her site, I must have been mildly busy, because I didn’t give her free actions or textures much thought…but Rita over at Coffeeshop Photography reminded me to check Johnna out again. 

So, I downloaded two sets of free actions that are completely compatiable with Photoshop Elements (well, all but one – and I think that’s an Ashley problem, not PSE problem): 
  1. Dreaming of Black and White
  2. Once Upon a Time (Vintage Actions) 
I test drove the actions on one of my photographs from my Duke Gardens series. Here are my results: 

So, go ahead…download a few new actions…go wild…have fun! Oh, and if you really want to have fun…I completely agree with Rita, try one of Shadowhouse Creations’ textures with one of these actions. Need help? Just shoot me a message or leave me a comment.