“Celebrating Mom”

May 10, 2010
This week’s i ♥ faces photo challenge is: “celebrating mom.” My wedding photographer, Lynette Mittendorf, took this photograph of my parents just as we were about to be introduced. For whatever reason, I adore this photo…especially of my mom. My mother has such a whimsical, fun, loving, joyous spirit about her…and although she’d probably say something to the effect of “I look fat,” I think this picture really captures her. Love you Mom!Now, to catch more photo challenge entries…
Before & After: Andrew

May 09, 2010
I’ve been following Kathy’s blog…and her little boy, Andrew, for months. I know I say this all the time, but he is truly one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen. I think he’s got an almost angelic look about him and I have really enjoyed watching him grow. Kathy sent me a note recently regarding a recent before and after, where I was really getting into the use of texture. I told her that if she ever wanted me to experiment on one of her photos, to just send it over. Well, she took me up on that offer last night. If you’ll go over to her blog, you...
Before & After

May 08, 2010
This before and after is sponsored by “dodge and burn.” This is an adorable picture of Carter, but there are a number of spots that have been blown out, thus, the burn tool was my friend. Carter’s mom took this photo at her in-laws’ farm and hoped that this might be a photograph that she could frame for them. It’s such a cute photo that it must be saved!My steps on this one are fairly typical. I started by adjusting the curves and then applying Squeaky Clean. I really focused on the levels and warming it up. I then merged those layers and created a duplicate...
Fix-It Friday

May 07, 2010
Once again…it’s FRIDAY and I’m so excited for Mother’s Day weekend. One day, I’ll be a mother, but for now…I can look forward to going home and seeing my mom. Until then, today’s Fix-it Friday comes from Leticia from Blessed With Five Boys. This little boy has some piercing brown eyes and with just a little pop (and I really tried not to add much), they’re nearly jumping across the screen. Here’s the before: And here’s my “fix”:I gave this photo Ashley’s special treatment, textures and all…Adjusted the...