June 06, 2010
Before & After
This is Elle – doesn’t she have the cutest cheeks ever?! Her mother posted this picture on the photography board I frequent for editing help. I asked if I could save it for later…and right now would be later. It really just needed some processing and brightening because I love the colors that emerge.
dsc0021q before and after
I started this photo in ACR by adjusting the exposure, adding a little fill light, increasing my blacks, increasing my brightness and increasing my contrast. I then opened the photo in PSE7. My steps in PSE7 include:
  • Duplicate the background layer, went to enhance, adjust color, remove color cast. I clicked on the white of her shirt to remove any color that may have been cast on her face (a little too pink although it may still be too pink).
  • Duplicated that layer and went to enhance, adjust color, adjust color for skin tone. I clicked again on the white of her shit to adjust the overall color of the picture. I did this in ACR with the temperature sliders but I often like to double check it here. I adjusted this level to 80% opacity.
  • Merged those layers.
  • I ran Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean and adjusted each layer accordingly.
  • Merged those layers.
  • I then ran Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room action and adjusted each layer accordingly. I haven’t used this action in a while, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like creating each step manually. It’s important when using this action in particular to paint on each layer using a 25-30% opacity brush and then lowering the opacity of the layer so you’ll see subtle changes.
  • Merged those layers.
  • Finally, (before resizing and sharpening) I used Paint the Moon’s Vanilla Pop action turning the vanilla pop layer down to 70%.
So, what do you think? I know that Salina at Twice as Many Moments also did an edit with a vintage effect for this photo. Check it out!