June 16, 2010
Before & After: Motorcycle Baby
I honestly don’t know about this one. Care at The Exposed Mom, sent me the photo below  (from an impromptu photo session) with a request to add some texture. If this picture is any indication of his future, we better get this kid a helmet! 
Motorcycle Baby Before and After
My approach with this photo is much like any photo I work with (I hope you appreciate the consistency) – opened in ACR (didn’t do anything), brought it over to PSE and ran Squeaky Clean…typical workflow. 

The real work started when I went to eliminate the background and add texture. I’ve shared this process with you before. Use the quick selection tool to select your background (or select the motorcycle/baby and then inverse the selection). Then click control J to move that piece of the selection into it’s own layer. Create a blank layer. Use the eye dropper to choose the the wall color and pour it into your blank layer. Click control G to group the layers.

Now that I just said that, I think I had to screw around with it a lot more than usual because it kept looking funky. Don’t freak out if it doesn’t work the first time…even I don’t always get it right (followed by a series of frustrated grunts, closing the program out and starting over).

But yeah, once I got my background figured out, I started to apply some texture. There are texture applicators out there…I don’t use them. Salina at Twice as Many Moments, forwarded me MCP Actions’ Newsletter with a link to their free texture applicator. If you have used this applicator or others, let me know how you like it. Speaking of that newsletter…there is also a great link to 1000’s of free Photoshop Textures. I also include several sites under Inspiration. Anyways, back to the edit. Below you’ll find the textures I used (most from Shadowhouse Creations), the blending mode and opacity.
  • Cover Texture, Overlay, 100% 
  • Bookfront, Multiply, 70%
  • Background Copy, Hard Light, 18%
  • Difference Maker, Soft Light, 28%
  • Paint the Moon’s Timeworn Texture, Soft Light, 66%
I also adjusted my saturation (in particular my yellows and reds – I really need to calibrate my laptop) and adjusted my brightness contrast. Finally, I applied Paint the Moon’s Sugar Cookies (of course adjusting each of the layers to  my liking) and added a little border.  

So that’s today’s Before & After. I’m going to link this one up to Pixel Perfect’s Before and After weekly challenge because Faith suggested it (obviously this is not my photo, but a good example of how I transform photos using textures). If you have a Before & After editing challenge, feel free to send it my way. My turnaround is a little longer than it used to be (considering I still have a couple to work on in my inbox), but you guys know I love the challenge…and my friend ROO says she enjoys it too. Have a great day!


    fantastic job! The picture is adorable to begin with and I love the new background with texture you gave it!

    Thanks Ashley!

    I do indeed, love looking at all the Before and After’s and as I’ve mentioned before, you do a great job!

    Seeing pictures like this one just makes me smile and seeing them touched up, even more so!

    Keep them coming! Perhaps, one day, I will submit a pic :)

    Too cute and precious! I love the photo and your transformation of it is just phenomenal!

    wow, what an amazing edit!

    WOW this is a great edit! You should totally link up this post with the before & after blog hop at Pixel Perfect (I do it every week – you get lots of great comments and inspiration)

    WOW! You did an awesome job!!! Beautiful

    Oh, my goodness, that is just too cute.

    I hope I can be as good as you someday! What a great edit!

    Cute! Great job cuttung out the background, and your texture fits nicely.

    This edit – the texture – MAKES the photo. LOVE it!!

    Ok, I just need to read that again and understand what you did, after my head stops spinning!
    I love you style and the photo looks great.
    I’m following you, hope you follow back because I love making new bloggy friends!

    Nice work!

    This is fantastic! GREAT photo and edit! The style suits the photo perfectly.

    Very creative! Love the edit!

    That’s really cool! I love the texture. Probably would have been a lot easier to clip the background if you hang a big sheet behind him though?

    I use MCP’s free texture applicator and to be honest, I love it. It cycles through all the blending modes, but I changed the action so it would just apply one blending mode and then stop (also removed all the text prompts too). I find it easier to run the action (I’ve assigned a shortcut for it) to open and apply the texture than to actually open and apply the texture. Simple time saver, but it’s sweet!

    That looks awesommeeee!!!!