June 30, 2010
Black and White Wednesday
Last night, I was wrapping up my June 2010 Photo Hunt when I looked around my hotel room and saw some interesting elements that needed to be photographed. By the way, I will officially be unveiling my photo hunt items tomorrow, so please come back tomorrow to check out my work! 

The first of these “elements” was perfect for my POTW challenge: shutter speed. Yeah, I’m lame and went back to the ever popular water rushing over a cup in the sink. I’m hoping to continue experimenting with shutter speed, but for now…

If you want to see more POTW entries, check back tomorrow, here.
Shutter Speed
The next of my hotel elements was an interesting lamp – I love the curves.
Hotel 2
And the final element was the bottom of a sconce in my room. I love the shadows that are created by changing the light in the room.
Hotel 1
So here’s a challenge for you…have you photographed the elements of your home? 

Two nights ago, I posted a couple of pictures for Simplicity’s Challenge: Corners of Your Home. Although I only spent a few minutes snapping pictures, I loved seeing a new perspective of the everyday items that lay around my house. If you’re ever having a photography block, take 20 minutes in one room and take as many pictures as you can.(try the bathroom for example). Then look back at your work. You’ll find that in 20 minutes, you have to change your perspective in order to use the time. Walk around an object and photograph it at multiple angles.

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Oh, and one more thing. I just received an email this morning from Christy at Skinned Knees to inform me that I won this week’s challenge: friends. When I submitted that photo, I had second thoughts…I mean I was the only entry that didn’t have cute kids or at least a human in the shot. But, her son loves turtles! If you haven’t done so yet, check out my friendly turtle photo: Why Can’t We Be Friends.

Have a great day and stay tuned for tomorrow. I can’t wait to share my photo hunt with you!

    Gorgeous! I’m so jealous of you having so much time to perfect your photography. I love seeing all your posts. I’m going to try and work more on my photography once summer vacation is over. Just don’t have the time right now. BTW… what does POTW stand for? I’ve noticed it on your blog but just can’t figure out the meaning.

    Just happened across your blog. Glad I did! Lovely photos. I always appreciate closeups…such a different perspective on everyday elements. Feel free to visit me at http://thejasandersfamily.blogspot.com/.

    Ok, feel like I’m just repeating myself but GREAT SHOTS & LOVE THESE! I also love the challenge. No telling what kinds of pics you’ll see show up on my blog now. :)

    Love the photos as always! and yay for having the winning photo at skinned knees, congrats!!

    Love the first shot!! And congrats on the win!! the turtle pic and caption of “Why can’t we be friends?” is so fitting! And I’ll definitely be checking out the POTW challenge, sounds like something I’d be interested in participating :)

    Yep, using the turtle shot for “friendship” was pure genius. I love these b&w shots because they’re so abstract, different from your usual work.

    Very nice! thanks for sharing. I’m going to try this!!


    Love them! Congratulations on the win, I love those turtles. So perfect.

    Oh no…not lame at all! Super, super cool. I couldn’t even tell what the first picture was at first. (And I LOVE when I can’t tell what something is. It turns something ordinary into art). No problem about touch-up Tuesday, it sounds like you’ve had a crazy week! Hope to catch you next time. :-) Congrats on the turtle win too – awesome!

    I didn’t read your words at first… trying to figure out each shot.
    The first one, I thought, was rootbeer.
    I was clueless on the second two.
    As clueless as I am on what POTW means. : )

    Thanks everyone – POTW stands for Picture of the Week. I should probably add that to my Photo Challenge page. :)