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Black & White Wednesday - Ramblings and Photos
Black & White Wednesday
Yesterday was a good day…a great day…my 28th birthday, and I am so thankful to have so many wonderful friends. I’d like to thank everyone that left me a little birthday love (whether it be on my blog, email or Facebook) – you guys are awesome. 

Today should be relatively quiet on the blogging front. I actually need to work on my scavenger hunt photos today, so that will give me something to look forward to once I’m away from the office. Until then, it’s Black & White Wednesday over at The Long Road to China. If you have not checked out Lisa’s blog, you need to…now. Her photographs and writing are inspiring. 

I have two photos to share (for now). This first one was taken in the rose garden a couple of weekends ago. To be honest, I nearly deleted this photo because I was less than inspired by the color shot. Once I converted it to black and white though, I felt as though I was looking at an image taken way before my time…and I like that. What do you think?
IMG_2601 bw-rs

This second photo was taken earlier this week. Kitty Paw loves sitting on bags – luggage, backpacks, camera bags, etc. So, I was laying on our sofa when I looked over to little bright eyes staring back at me. I reached down to grab my camera and she just glared back as if to say “what, I’m resting Mom.” I don’t know if it’s my smell or the texture, but she loves it…and I love her.
Kitty Paw going to school blog
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the long road

    Happy Belated Birthday! I don’t know what the original rose garden photo looked like, but I agree it does look very vintage this way. It’s beautiful! I posted a few pictures today I probably would have deleted if left in color. It’s amazing what b&w does to a photo. Totally different perspective.

    Love your Kitty Paw. I really need to post a picture of my kitty that looks so much like yours. So cute!

    love the photos! Our cat loves to sit on things too, he especially loves laundry, my husbands computer bag, and any type of shoe

    Happy belated birthday! I LOVE the first picture. Truly beautiful.

    P.S. I signed up for Faith’s e-class. Excited!

    Love your photos! Yes, the first one looks timeless. I love that. I process my pics sometimes where you can’t tell if you’re looking at my kid, someone’s dad, grandpa…etc. And the kitty is way too cute. 28, huh? OK, I’m totally old. *sigh* Have a great one!

    Your kitty’s eyes are beautiful!! great pics!

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope you had a blast on your special day!

    Love the picture of the kitty! IT looks awesome in Black & White! And I agree. I’d prefer a puppy over a handbag any day, but until we buy our own place, I doubt we’ll be allowed to have one at the places we rent..*sigh*.

    That cat pic is a riot!! One of my cats loves boxes – if it’s on the floor, he’s in it. He also does bags/backpacks/anything tiny. He’s too funny!

    The rose pic looks awesome in B&W.

    Thanks for stopping by!!! Your kitty is a beauty..:-)

    Happy Birthday. Love the black and white cat. Her eyes are captivating.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – I’ve browsed your blog and can’t believe this is my first time here :) I’ll be popping in to see your wonderful photos!!

    Oh my… your pictures are amazing! Lots of sweet shots here. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog – it’s nice to ‘meet’ you.

    tell me more about the scavenger hunt.. I love the pictures you capture. If you have time on a tuesday to hop over to my blog and link up for a my town tuesday.. with pictures from your town.. I would love it.
    wasabi mommy

    Both bear the nostalgic feel, the kitty shot maybe a tad more so… very nice.

    Haha, Titty Paw is SOOO cute! My Natasha likes to find the one piece of paper anywhere, like a note on the bed, or a stack of recycling on the floor next to my desk, and BOOM. She lays on it. So hilarious. She does that to my clothes, too…

    first, i love your banner shot-so full of fun and joy!
    and the black and whites definitely have a sense of time before. really nostalgic feeling. sweet! :)
    thanks for stopping by tuesday!

    What great shots. My daughter EK LOVED the cat shot… she is an animal lover to the max!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Beautiful black and whites…..thanks for playing along:)