June 04, 2010
Fix-It Friday
An unfortunate thing happened in cyberspace with regards to my beloved I Heart Faces “Fix-It Friday.” Here’s what their website says, “We have recently learned of a copyright infringement concerning a photo that was used for a past FIF. The original photographer of that particular photo found her image being used in the sample products of a digital download that was listed for sale on eBay.”

Unfortunately, this means that the I Heart Faces community (including myself) won’t be able to edit photos from other community members…only from the official (professional) contributors. Nonetheless, a little copyright infringement isn’t going to hold me down, but this is a reminder to everyone to watermark you photos! I personally stamp some sort of watermark on every photo I publish to my website with the exception of Fix-It Friday (I do this to protect the contributors to my before and after posts), but today’s message has me thinking that I should create a separate watermark for Fix-It Friday purposes too.  I’ll work on that for next week. 

In the meantime, this photo was sent in by Andrea Riley and compliments this week’s theme (BAREFOOT) so well. Here’s the before:
Like so many others, after running the RAW photo through ACR, I decided that I preferred a horizontal crop on this image. I opened the photo in PSE7 and applied Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean and Berries ‘N Cream before laying on two textures (Heaven’s Blush from Shadowhouse Creations I think and Timeworn Soft from Paint the Moon). Finally, I applied an action called Ephermeral for a nice glow-like finish.
Fix-It Friday 060410 After
For more Fix-It Friday submissions, go to:

Have a great day!

    Oh I love your edit! It’s so soft and pretty. This was a hard one because the photo this week was already so good :)

    Nice! I like your closer crop.

    I adore this edit. You really have a fantastic eye for editing.

    I was talking to my husband this morning about the copyright infringement as well and I decided that an IheartFaces or Fix it friday watermark is in order.

    So soft and dreamy! Great edit! I also read some of your posts and LOVE how you used the textures!

    Great edit! Totally crushing on the textures. What a shame about the copyright infringement. Not cool.

    I like the softness and think the textures are wonderful!

    perfect! You’ve got the eye!

    UGH!!! i’m so sick of this happening. i don’t know if your into the flickr community at all, but there are a lot of creapy creapers that take pictures from there. one man started a blog of on boys. EWWWW!!!!!! that’s why i’ve started slapping a BIG watermark across the faces of my photos. i try to put it where it’s plainly visible, not able to be cropped out, and difficult to clone. i know it’s annoying for some viewers, but in this day and age you can NEVER be too careful!

    and excellent pp as always!

    I am just as upset about this copyright issue. It’s so rude and selfish that someone would do that. That’s a good idea, making a separate watermark just for FIF.

    Anyway, I love your edit! It is so soft and pretty.

    Beautiful processing Ashley! Love the dreamy tones.

    so lovely and dreamy!