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Macro Friday - Ramblings and Photos
Macro Friday
I’m excited to share this shot with you today for Macro Friday…not necessarily because it’s a great Macro shot (although if you tell me it is, I’ll take it), but because I love the artistic natural beauty of the shot…the colors, the raindrops, the berries in the background. Sure, I added a slight texture, but I loved this shot before I even took it.

ISO 200, 105 mm, f/3.2, 1/250 sec.
IMG_3160 blog

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Before I leave for the weekend (my husband tells me we’re going to wine country), I should thank In a Yellow House for the Outstanding Blogger award. I hope you’re following this blog, because she’s pretty great…and so are her photo challenges!

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you seven random things about myself. However, I think I’ll break the rules and ask my followers (and those that may be just finding my blog from Trendy Treehouse or Girl Creative) to ASK ME ANYTHING! That’s right, ask me anything (my life, photography, editing, etc), and I’ll respond (if you have your blog enabled to respond back to email, I’ll email you directly). I’m also supposed to pass this award along to other great blogs – I really suck at this part because there are so many great blogs out there, but I do want to recognize a few of bloggers that have shown me a lot of love recently: 
And while I’m at it….I might as well link up to New Friend Fridays! Have a great weekend!

New Friend Fridays


    Congrats and a great photo!

    Congrats on the award! Cool shot.. I like it because its so unique. Have a wonderful weekend :)

    The colors and dof in that shot ARE beautiful. I adore how the light shines off the two bottom leaves, and while I’m not a huge fan of textures, I must admit you’ve turned that shot into a work of art.

    I do have a question for you, a request actually. ;)

    Doing my self-portrait affected me profoundly, and I want to continue the journey. You may have read my post about this. Tomorrow I’m going to put up a Self-portrait linky on my blog (I’ll leave it up all week). I have a few other very inspiring photographer friends who have told me they’ll play. I personally want to ask if you would consider joining in, with all your talent and creativity. Don’t feel you have to, I’ll still think you’re just as awesome!

    GORGEOUS shot. I think the angle make a perfect photo just that much more interesting! Allison

    Thanks to you I have added a macro lens to my list of things to save for. This is a beautiful shot!!

    Great shot!! I’m so jealous of your new lens!!

    What a gorgeous photo! You’re right, it just has so many perfect little details.

    Thanks for the award, you’re too nice! I’ll be sure to pass it on.

    Wow, what a great shot.

    Macro shots are my favorites! Looks like I’ll be back on Fridays!! I just love how everything stands still, crisp, and clear. I love the water droplets :) Great photo.

    Aww, thanks again! I’ll display it proudly and will also be thinking of questions to hit you up with. :)

    Love this shot! Is there anything better than a macro shot after it rains? Gorgeous!

    This shot is beautiful. The macro is nice, but the post processing and texture and everything makes it so much more! Great job.

    Wow! That’ an amazing picture! And you edit just enhanced the beauty. This is a winner to me.

    Have fun in wine country!

    Thanks for stopping by Pooh’s Corner and leaving a comment.

    PS. One of my favorite challenges….RAINDROPS! love your pic.

    I actually really love that pic! The texture and the water drops are all very interesting (i have yet to master texture…)

    Anywho, wanted to drop in and give you yet another award:)


    your pictures are amazing!!!

    new follower ;) found you on NFF

    Love, love, love your photos! I am trying to play with my new camera and figure out how to use all the cool functions on it. I’ll be following you for some inspiration for sure!

    I’m a new follower from New Friend Friday by the way. Come visit me sometime!

    Love this and love your post work!! Simply Beautiful!

    I love the softness and texture compared with the crispness of the water droplets! You do the prettiest work!

    Gorgeous shot! I love the water droplets!

    So pretty! I love the colors!

    That is beautiful. I really love the texture on it – it looks like art.

    Beautiful! I love the colors… especially that vibrant green! Great detail in the water droplets. Very nice shot! :)

    Oh wow! TOTAL ART. You should enlarge that picture and frame it immediately! :-) You’re really killing me with that macro lens. Absolute perfection. (Thank you so much for mentioning my blog in your post! That was such a surprise – thank you!) :-)