June 24, 2010
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POTW Thursday: Summer
This week’s POTW theme is SUMMER. I really struggled with this week’s theme because I feel like summer has just begun…that, and I don’t get to really enjoy my summer until July when we go on vacation. I also envy all the fun pool and sprinkler shots from my photography friends with children.

Nonetheless, I started scrolling through some of the photos I took over the weekend to find something that said “summer.” Dragonflies say “summer,” right? I took the shot below by leaning into a fountain at the Rose Garden to get a closer shot – I nearly fell in. Oh how I wish I had my new macro last weekend. The shot below would have been ultra close.
IMG_2876 edit blog
 ISO 100, 75 mm, f/2.8, 1/320 sec (taken on my Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8)

So, I mentioned the new Macro…my sweet husband gave me a gift card to Peace Camera for my birthday. This store has EVERYTHING, including a nice selection of used lenses. I decided that I would go to the store yesterday afternoon, before meeting up with my girlfriends. They had a great deal on a used Sigma 105 mm EX Macro f/2.8. Since Tuesday night, I’ve been itching to share a few new macro shots. Then yesterday afternoon, on my way home from work…it rained. 

SUMMER RAIN!!! As soon as I got home, I whipped out my new lens and started looking for bugs. That’s weird, huh? Even though this photo isn’t in perfect focus, you can see this bug’s eyes. I love it!
IMG_3164 blog
 ISO 400, 105 mm, f/3.2, 1/100 sec.

I love the raindrop on this one.
IMG_3152 blog
ISO 200,  105 mm, f/3.2, 1/80 sec.

I took this shot inside my car as I was waiting for the rain to lighten up enough for me to run into the gym. It looks kinda cool, right?
IMG_3148 blog
 ISO 200, 105 mm, f/3.2, 1/200 sec.

And finally, raindrops on a newspaper. I am loving this lens! If you have a chance (and it’s within your budget), the Sigma 105 mm EX Macro f/2.8 is an excellent alternative to some of the more expensive Macro lenses out there. Check it out!
IMG_3153 blog
ISO 200, 105 mm, f/3.2, 1/1000 sec.

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    I’ve been wanting a macro lens, and after seeing your shots I want one all the more. So cool! After breaking the bank on my new camera and lens, I wanted to research macro filters instead of a lens at this point. Do you have an opinion on those? Beautiful shots.

    Those are fantastic shots! I love the dragonfly picture!

    congratulations on your new toy, i truly share your excitement on this one.

    and i can see excellent results already.

    I am loving the raindrops!

    These are fantastic…I really really want a macro lens!!! So jealous.

    Nothing says summer like the first few photos. Great shots, Ashley and that macro lens totally rocks. I can’t believe that last shot. WOW!

    Love them all and especially the last one. Your Macro lense is cool. I want one too now.

    OMG… these photos are amazing! I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a macro lens. I’m not sure if I should. I do love everything “up close and personal” in my photos. Every time I try and step back to get more of the surroundings in, I find myself shoving my face into the subject once again. The raindrops are superb!

    Oh my goodness! LOVE these! After my nifty 50 lens, Macro lens is on my list. Can’t wait!

    Wow, those macros are A-May-Zing!!! Great work!!!

    You are a VERY talented photographer. I love the raindrop ones, especially the leaves and the newspaper pics!

    WOW…those are really awesome!! Raindrops are fun lol…and new lenses are fun too! Great pics!

    WOW, I want to take pictures like yours when I grow up.:)

    Lovely shots and that last one wow, love the water and the dof. Well done.

    Ohhhhh Ahhhhh – I LOVE your new macro too :D
    And that last one is awesome – it looks like mercury pooled up on the newspaper. Cool!!

    Oh, I have so much macro envy!

    I loooove your new pictures!

    Gosh these are incredible.

    love the last newspaper shot – I’m also just learning to befriend my macro (also a gift from my boy-friend for my brithday)

    I love the macros. Did you really just pick up the lens? Wow. I thought there was a huge learning curve when I got my macro lens. I took me about 3 weeks of using it everyday before I started to get decent photos (which aren’t even as good as yours.) Great job.

    Those macro shots are great, but I really love the first one you posted, the dragonfly. I love the colors, the softness and the bokeh. It’s so dreamy. Believe me, a macro is on my wish list too, but first I’m saving for the 50mm 1.2 :D

    The one inside your car is amazing!

    so jealous of your new macro lens. that one inside the car is mesmerizing. I can’t figure out the perspective, and it keeps drawing me in! I will say it again – we love your mad editing skillz, but you seriously need to keep sharing more of your own photos. that is serious talent girl!

    Those are awesome!! I love the last one.