June 05, 2010
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SOOC Saturday: My Second Shooter
I’m new to The Slurping Life, but I love the idea of sharing your SOOC shots so I had to  become a participant. For this week’s SOOC Saturday, I thought I’d share a photograph I took of my husband. 

I’m by no means a professional…therefore, I don’t really need a second shooter, but my husband and I went out last Saturday to capture some photos at the Rose Garden. I was shooting with my Canon Rebel XSi and my husband  was shooting with my old Canon Powershot SD1000. During our honeymoon, he would often steal this little camera away from me to get a few shots of his own. He doesn’t always have the “best” shots, but who am I to judge. Anyways, when I walked across the garden and saw how focused he was on these roses, I had to snap (and laugh). He’s so cute when he concentrates!
Second Shooter
ISO 100, 60mm, f/2.8, 1/1250 sec.

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    Great capture of his capture…

    Great shot! I love your watermark too!

    Very nice picture and cute hubby and very cute you ( its your picture in the header ?)

    Hey, I can see his concentration. Good shooting!

    Welcome to SOOC Saturday. Love that you’ve joined us.

    SO cute:)

    What a cute shot! I can honestly say that my husband has never been that focused taking a picture. I usually have to shove the camera in his hand to get a picture of myself on our family vacations just so it looks like I was there.

    Cute shot – all that concentration comes through in your capture.

    Very sweet!

    My husband absolutely refuses to carry my camera any longer, since she now wears a flowered strap cover, hee hee. So he just got his own P&S last week. I’ve caught him in the same pose lately :)

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    (I’m bad about missplelling, sorry!;-) I just wanted to say that this made me laugh out loud! I love it!