Touch-Up Tuesday
I’m excited to link up with The Bonnie 5 for Touch-Up Tuesday. You guys know I love Before & After posts, so this (along with Pixel Perfect’s Before and After) will allow me a forum for delivering these types of posts. Bonnie joked with me last week that although she’s excited that I’m joining, that everyone will wonder why I’m not hosting this challenge myself. One day…

Anyways, this is Stella. You may remember her from this post. She is now 3 months old, and I’m finally ready to present this Before & After. Not that it was that much of a challenge, but I’ve been pretty busy these past few weeks. 
DSC_0073 Before and After
I always start my photos in ACR – I made a couple of exposure, contrast and brightness adjustments before bringing it over to PSE7. As usual, I also ran Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean action (secret: I always adjust my levels – sliding my mid-range up to 1.26 or higher, I also always adjust the saturation by decreasing my reds and yellows). 

From there, I ran Coffeeshop Photography’s Baby Powder Room to even out Stella’s skin tone. I haven’t used this action in a while, but I really didn’t feel like replicating these steps manually. For those of you new to actions, you can’t simply click and go – you need to click on each layer and adjust, color in or color out (if you need more explanation, just let me know). Within this action, there is a step for eye define. Although her eyes are closed, I did use this layer slightly over her eyelashes to make them stand out just a touch.

At this point, I worked on the background. This was a little tedious. I think I used the quick selection tool to select that dark spot in the upper left corner. I created a new layer by clicking ctrl J. I then made a copy of the background layer (ctrl J) and moved this layer to the top layer. I used a combination of the healing tool and cloning tool to even out the space. I then merged those layers and used the quick selection tool to reselect the entire background. I made the background it’s own layer, then went to filter, blur, gaussian blur to blur the background. 

Finally, I applied Amy McMaster’s Apricot Cream action for a nice creamy finish before resizing and sharpening. If you have any questions, just send them my way (you can use the contact form at the top of the page). Now, go check out more Touch-Up Tuesday submissions:


    Beautiful! I am dying to try actions but can’t figure out how to install them. I’m a MAC user. The tutorials I’ve found don’t seem to work.

    Fantastic edit!

    Oh, her skin is so soft and lovely! I love how you kept her skin “actual skin” color! It’s beautiful. I love how you lightened her, but she’s not a ghost. What a precious little one. :-) Oh, and I LOVE CoffeeShop’s Baby Powder – one of my faves!

    That’s awesome! It looks so natural, not “overdone” like some baby photo edits I’ve seen. Just beautiful! :)

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for dropping by today. I, too, love a good before and after. Anything from a redo on furniture or a photo. Love the after shot of the baby. So precious.

    Wow! That’s absolutely beautiful! I need to learn how to do that so I can fix some of my baby girl’s newborn pics. :)

    SO great!! Love the changes. It makes all the difference in the world. Those tiny baby faces are so hard to touch up – you did an awesome job.

    Thanks for sharing. Here’s a question for you. . . I have camera raw too, but it only works on Raw files. Is that the same for you, or can you use ACR w/ JPEGS? I’m using PSE7 on a mac

    i am speechless!

    Wow..just beautiful. I love how you still left her skin looking real..and not like plastic! Great job!

    Very nice. Makes Stella even more beautiful!

    ARob – you should be able to open your JPEG files in ACR. When you open PSE, go to file, open as, select your JPEG file and choose camera raw in the drop down. I open all my files this way now.

    Looking at the original I knew the edit would have to be something awesome. Firstly, I love the white fur element. Something about fuzzy stuff and babies just goes together! Secondly, I love the brightness in the edited version and how perfectly smooth the skin looks. Great job.

    OH! What a pretty baby! You did a great job on these! LOVE IT!

    Love your edit – it’s perfect!