Before & After: Beach Edition
This might be the last post today – we’ll see. 

The other night, my in-laws took Alyssa to the boardwalk. I probably should have gone with my camera because even though I thought the boardwalk looked a little sketchy (we went the night before), this kid would make it look like Disneyworld. 

When Alyssa came home, she was quick to show me her face and I was quick to ask her to step outside so I could “make her picture” (as they call it).  It was already getting dark so I had to jack up my ISO to 1600. It’s such a cute shot though that I thought it’d make a great Before and After. Here’s my straight out of the camera (SOOC) shot.
ISO 1600, f/3.2, 38 mm, 1/50 sec.

I opened the picture in Adobe Camera Raw to correct my white balance and exposure. As a result, I was left with a lot of grain.
IMG_4392 Corrected WB

I still don’t have a noiseware plug-in for PSE7, but it’ll likely be my next purchase. I do have a free community edition (Noiseware Community Edition 2.6), so I opened the photo there to remove the noise. Oh what a difference a little noiseware can make!
IMG_4392 After Noiseware

From there, I re-opened the photo in PSE7. I applied Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean and adjusted the levels (I usually move the slider up to 1.38 – I may have done more) to brighten it up. I applied Pioneer Woman’s Bring Out the Eyes and finally Amy McMaster’s Berries N’ Cream (I turned off the berries layer).
IMG_4392 blog
I really love the end result – what do you think? Frame-worthy? For more Before and After’s check out (I’m including Touch-Up Tuesday as well because I didn’t have an entry until today…forgive me Karli):


    Great job Ashley! This photo looks fantastic! I need to investigate this Noisewear thing you talk about!

    Looks great!! I just downloaded a noiseware program and I love it!

    Wow! That really was a great edit. This is a fun blog to read, I may start sharing my edits to see if I can learn more from what I am doing!

    This is such a cute photo! Love the edit!

    When I saw this in my little mini-reader I KNEW it would be good! Your before and afters always are. This is an AWESOME ad! You really saved a cute picture and made it scrapbook worthy- totally.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU….. this program is GREAT!

    Your photo is adorable, and what you were able to do with it is awesome!

    Definitely frame-worthy! What an adorable shot – and the edit is perfect!

    Definitely frame worthy!

    Great job! I always love seeing Before and Afters and this one is just beautiful!

    That really was a great edit, definitely frame worthy. i like that you included what you did and with samples, its just like a complete tutorials.

    You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent! It is so helpful!

    Great contrasts. Subtle but lovely. :O)

    Oh wow…that noise reducer is (I will refrain from using the word amazing – LOL)…phenomenal!! Totally going to check out that noiseware community. That’s amazing. I have been toying with the idea of a noiseware program, but with my new camera, it allows the ISO to go much higher with less noise, but with my Rebel…oh yeah, totally needed noiseware.

    I totally agree with your earlier comment, and I’d LOVE a photography buddy that lived close! Wouldn’t that be a blast??!! :-) You’re in north or south carolina, right? My husband and I always talk about retiring in South Carolina…only 30 more years – yippeee!! LOL! Maybe we’ll meet IRL in an assisted living facility. HA!

    Oh my gosh, I just said amazing after I said I wasn’t going to say amazing. That’s crazy.

    great job. you continue to amaze me!

    Love this edit! The Berries N Cream action was a nice choice. I’ve only used it twice.

    I DLed that noiseware program after you mentioned it a few weeks ago. Let me tell it, it’s completely changed some of my editing techniques! Photos that I thought couldn’t be saved, are now some of my favorites! Thanks for recommending that.

    I do love the end result too!

    great work!!!! It is amazing the difference once the noise was removed! I know we just found each other’s blogs, and I was looking at your “camera bag” and it’s so funny because we have the same lens and I just got a Jo Totes “Rose” bag is yellow! Too funny!! :) Once again, so glad I found your awesome blog!

    Wow. I definitely think it’s frame-worthy! The transformation is astounding!

    Only one word Ashley…WOW! Fantastic edit. I also use noiseware and some other actions, but not nearly the way you have.