Challenge Me Monday
There are a number of photo challenges today. Rather than overwhelm you with multiple blog postings today, I thought I’d put them all in one location. Some of you may have seen these shots before. 

First up, I Heart Faces’ theme this week is “purple.” I actually didn’t think I had anything for this challenge…then I recalled that Maddie (my friend Jenny’s daughter) was wearing an outfit with purple in it the day we all met up at the Rose Garden. I love this particular shot. Although most of the day she was all smiles, this shot seems to suggest she was getting a little annoyed with me taking her picture.
IMG_2894 blog
For more “purple” photos, go to:

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips
Next up…Two Mom’s Made a Photo Challenge. Their theme this week is “Father and Child.” I jokingly told Linkie that I would be entering a shot of Kitty Paw and my husband…she told me to bring it on. Then, I started looking through some of my vacation pictures again and found this shot of my niece and father-in-law. Technically, this isn’t a “father and child” shot, but it is a Paw Paw with his granddaughter…and I think it’s sweet, so there.
IMG_4620 blog
For more “Father and Child” shots, click here:

Last but not least is the Paper Mama Challenge. Chelsea’s challenge this week is “Absolute Favorite.” The key with this challenge is that the photo has to be of your child…in my case, this would be Kitty Paw. The picture below is my absolute favorite of Paw (pronounced Pa)…isn’t she pretty?
IMG_1773 blog
For more “absolute favorite” photos, go to:

The Paper Mama

The rest of this week is full of challenges. If you’re new to my blog, I’ve got a full page devoted to Photo Challenges. Here’s what’s coming up tomorrow: 
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With all that said, I really need to finish processing my photowalk photos. Enjoy the rest of your day!

    All of your photos are beautiful, but the little girl in purple looks determined to win this week’s contest! :-)

    I followed you from I heart faces–love the expression on that little girly’s face! And, I do love that kitty one, too :)

    Love that beach shot, so sweet :)

    I haven’t entered I heart Faces in awhile, but it used to be that you could only have one photo in your blog post in order to be considered to win. Might want to check that out. ;) Your photo is adorable, she has such a funny look on her face!

    Kitty Paw is so, so pretty as always. She looks good in pink!

    I love them. I used to have a kitty that looked like yours names Sugar foot. :)

    Hey! that works, i think i said grandpa’s too…. maybe it didn’t oops. well it counts! and you friends daughter has the same shirt as claire! lol! GO TARGET!

    Kitty Paw is the best. Love following you and all the challenges… really motivating. :) Nice work as always — looking forward to seeing the rest of the photo walk. I think you should come visit me and teach me some photography — and we can do some foliage tour like thing…. Think about it. :)

    Your new friend

    LOVE them! Paw is adorable. And, again: your niece is way too cute. Love the purple photo too!

    Love all the pics, but the kitty is just precious (okay, the kids are too!)!

    I love Kitty Paw. I want a cat so badly, but Andrew is allergic. I will live vicariously through your photos! Thanks for the reminder that pets count at the Paper Mama Challenge. :) Perhaps Buster needs an entry!

    Your photos are beautiful! :)

    That little girl looks almost ready to lose it, “One more picture and I will bawl. Enough already!” LOL!

    She is so cute! I LOVE the expression!

    I love all the pictures! I’m following you now :)


    so pretty! I have a kitty that looks so much alike her but is a male. :) came to this through paper mama! I see you’re new but almost everywhere now! I don’t know how you can do that, my buttocks would have been hurt by now haha.

    I love all of these, though I’m very partial to that purple pic (maybe I’m a tad biased, lol)!!! That’s a great expression that you captured. I love her eyes in that pic too.

    That first photo is adorable!! I love the look on her face!

    Your cat photo is amazing! I’m super allergic to cats so I tend to avoid them, but I’ve come to really enjoy cat photos. The eyes are so amazing! And I like the splashes of pink :)