July 24, 2010
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I Want That!
In all my blog hopping yesterday, I found an awesome website and store: Fred Flare. They’ve got all kinds of neat vintage-inspired items including an incredible collection of specialty cameras. 

I’m also a fan of their photography accessories like these: 

In all seriousness, right now, the above items are not very high on my priority list. I just think they’re cute and thought my blogging/photography friends would get a kick out of them. 

What is on my priority list with regard to next purchases? A cute new camera bag!  I may have mentioned that because of my day job, I travel fairly frequently so I tend to build a lot of credit card points. These points are saved and then used to fund my hobby. In fact, I have some built up points that are “burning a hole in my pocket.”

My husband does agree that I need a new bag. Unfortunately, my husband and I disagree on what type of bag I should get. Yeah, yeah, it shouldn’t really matter what he thinks…but, my husband often will join me on my little photography adventures and offer to carry my bag. Right now, I have one main bag that stores ALL of my photography equipment + laptop.  

The great thing about this bag is that I can store all my gear in one place (camera body, lenses, laptop and accessories). The downside is that when I have all my gear, this bag is incredibly heavy. It was definitely NOT meant to be used as a day trip/photo shoot bag.

So, if I can’t use the big Tamrac…what am I currently using on day trips? In some cases, I’m using a big purse. I suppose I could buy padded inserts to make my current situation a little safer, but I would rather just buy a new bag. The other solution we’ve used on occasion is a Duke insulated cooler – don’t laugh. The Duke cooler works, but…
  1. We aren’t Duke University fans…my husband just worked there at one point in his career. 
  2. It’s a cooler! So while, it is insulated and typically prevents any nastiness from getting on my stuff…it’s not “cool.”
Well then, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…what am I considering (and I promise, I’m going to open the doors for input at the end)? I want either a Jo Tote, Epiphenie Bag or something of the like…something that doesn’t scream “I’M CARRYING EXPENSIVE CAMERA EQUIPMENT! 

My husband would like me to get a backpack because he’d rather carry a backpack for me than a cute bag…b-o-r-i-n-g. With all that said…I need your help? What would you do? What do you carry on day trips or photo shoots? Is their another option I should consider? I’d love to know what you guys think.

By the way, speaking of photo shoots…today I am going on Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk with my friend Natalie. Check out some of the photo contest winners from previous years. This means that rather than blogging, I will be shooting! Stay tuned for shots from our walk (and I also still owe you a few more from the zoo and aquarium) sometime in the next week. 

Also, don’t forget that tomorrow is Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Click the button below for previous hunts and the list of items for this week. I’ll post new items tomorrow.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I’ll have more excitement to share with you Monday. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

    I’ve got a small sling style backpack. It has room for my camera, an extra lens or maybe 2, my wallet, keys, phone, a diaper, a paci, and a baggie full of wipes. I suppose I could put more camera equipment in there instead of the personal stuff, but I got the bag with the intention of carrying it instead of a diaper bag on more outing w/my 3 kids (w intentions of taking more good pics of them.)

    I like that its secure and hands free. I don’t like the boring black though!

    You are so cute! Love this post… I will have to look at the camera stuff later…. :) I want a carrying thingy to have on my body – straps so when I do ski photography in the winter I don’t have to worry — any thoughts? I wish there was something stylish — maybe a new business? :) Ha!

    Looking here for the scavenger hunt items, make sure I got them all in! Have a super day! Just posted on my other blog — cheers my friend!

    let your husband select the bag if his the one who will carry it most of the time. lol

    I have to JoTote and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It was a lot cheaper than the Epiphanie, so I went with that because I thought I could get the lime green with damask and that would make a fun summer bag and then if I wanted to, I could get another color for the winter. (so either two JoTotes or 1 epiphanie!) :) I get compliments on my JoTote all the time.

    oh! I LOVE these camera bags that look like big purses :)

    I am always looking for new camera bags… it has become my new “purse obsession!” Oddly enough though, I always go back to my fancy “diaper bag” I got. It is like a messenger bag but with paisley pattern and all the bottle pockets inside are just the RIGHT size for my lenses. It holds my laptop and my portfolio and is PERFECT for day shoots (I package the equipment up in a much sturdier bag for travel). It’s lightweight and since it holds like a messenger, all I do is reach down at my hip, grab a lens, make a quick switch and presto… I look like I have a fancy camera bag!

    My sisters just bought be the Ephiphanie Ginger for my (gulp) 30th, and I LOVE it. It is so pretty, and sadly, fits so much that I might just need to buy more to put in it! In all seriousness, I have in it now, all of my cords, body, 2 lenses (one attached), speedlight and iPad. You deserve something pretty! Plus, I think this is one of those circumstances where if you get the backpack you will never really like it and will end up getting yourself a bag in a few months. Like when you should really just eat the piece of cake you want instead of trying to find a healthy substitute, wolfing down half your panty, and STILL eating the cake at the end of the day! Do it!!

    I KNEW we were sepearted at birth! I have a monsterous camera bag for all my equipment, but on day shoots I take……wait for it…… a cooler! And not just any cooler. A free cooler from one of the banks my husband works with – HA!

    For what it’s worth, my husband carries my brown Epiphanie Ginger for me all the time. :) It’s definitely a super cute and stylish bag, but because it’s brown and doesn’t have any floral details on it, he’s okay with carrying it slung across his chest with the bag at his back. He’s also super hot and very secure in his masculinity. :)

    In all seriousness, though, I love my Ginger. She holds everything I could ever want (ALL my camera gear, enough diapers/wipes/outfits/toys for an outing, and my wallet/keys/cell), and though she gets heavy with all that gear, she’s surprisingly comfortable, what with her well-designed padded straps.

    I like the Jo-Tote. Especially the rose. Its still new, so I don’t know about the space, but for the price, its nice. The Ginger would be my next choice. I considered Gene’s opinion, but then again, he’s not going to take the camera any where any way, so why should I sacrifice cuteness!

    I have a Jill-e (www.jill-e.com) small camera bag and love it for traveling. If I’m just going to take some photos around town, I use my Lowepro Cirrus TLZ15. It’s small and will only hold the camera, lens and extra card. I like it because it’s light (I have major neck issues and carrying a heavy camera bag is painful). My dream bag would be a shootsac for carrying lens’.

    I’m going on a Scott Kelby photowalk tonight too! I’m looking forward to getting out there and taking pictures of something other than my family. ;-) Look forward to seeing some of your shots. Have fun!

    Were you reading my blog back when I posted a “Not Me Monday” about my camera bag?


    My camera bag is a “fashion cooler”…(I really didn’t know there was a need for Fashion Coolers, as I had never been one who was too concerned over the fashionable-ness of my cooler, but hey, I’ve never claimed to be cool!)

    I handmade the inserts to separate my lenses and accessories…. it’s cushioned, and keeps everything safe (and waterproof!) All for $10. lol. I do like the ones you’re looking at though, but I think my husband would throw a fit if I asked him to carry one of those for me….. Machinists don’t like to carry things that look like purses :)

    I have been searching for a cute inexpensive camera bag!! actually…i have an old vera bradley tote – i don’t use it much anymore but if i’m in a bind then i put my camera in it – so it has pockets all around the inside for all of my other things and the camera rests safely in the middle. very cool!

    Oh I love shopping for bags :) I really like the look of the Ephiphanie bags. Keep us posted as to what you decide. Hope you had a great time today!

    I have a Jo Totes and really like it a lot! I got the yellow bag, and you can’t even tell it’s a camera bag!

    So many great opinions everyone – thank you so much! I guess I have a decision ahead of me, but no need to rush. On the photo walk, I collected a few more male opinions who recommended Krumpler bags and side scoop type of backpacks. Lots of choices…thanks for weighing in!

    My husband just bought me the Epiphanie Ginger bag for my birthday – I don’t think he has considered for one second that maybe he’d have to carry it some day. With such careful consideration going on, and great input, I’m sure you’re going to love whatever you pick!

    I am in love with the HOlga’s. I really want a Diana. Great site. So much fun to look through.

    I l-o-v-e the two cute bags you posted here for every day camera carrying. You’ve got great taste!

    I just spent an entire day reading about the Holga, and in a word I “MUST” have one someday.

    Okay, now that I got that out…

    I have the Scarlett Jo Tote. It’s beautiful. It fits a camera body, a couple lenses/accessories with room for a few “purse” items too. Basically it’s where all my photography equipment lives. I love it. HOWEVER! It is WAY too heavy for me to haul around on my shoulder for any amount of time (that said, my zoom is a three pound lens) so maybe it’s not the bag’s fault, huh?).

    I went on the SK photowalk yesterday too. I modified an small backpack that I’ve had for awhile and loved much. I hand stiched (yay me!) an old towel double-lining with soft flannel covering it. Awesome.

    My two cents: Get a big pretty bag like a Jo Tote for places you can set your bag down while you shoot. Get a backpack-style one for things like the photowalk.

    I love the girly bags you posted. I just bought a yellow purse that looks a lot like them! I tend to just keep my camera in my purse (a big purse) because if I don’t, I am afraid I will forget to bring my camera with me when I go places. I worry about it not being padded, but que sera sera, I guess!

    PS – I am posting about the photo challenge tonight! Looking forward to it!