July 30, 2010
In the Photo Friday
Today has been a long day…I had big goals for blog hopping and sharing all kinds of photos, but let’s be honest – I’m tired. I did want to share yet another shot from my photowalk – this one is another self-portrait for In the Photo Friday.
IMG_5047 blog
I may have more for you later…who knows. In the meantime, go check out Meredith at:


    Cool shot! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Very cool! It is such a contrasting photo! Bright and cheery and the very very blue! It is such an unique photo! Totally love it

    That is a very good shot. I am glad you felt like posting for today. You do so well with your pictures.

    Very cool! I have been working on the scavenger hunt items and it is giving me a complex LOL! I am no were near being the photographer I want to be. But, I keep trying!I hope you have a great weekend!

    I understand the exhaustion. Rest up chica!

    Very cute — I like the pic. Can’t see you though…. :(

    I love the one I took of myself in the boat mirror — probably one of my faves! Looking forward to the scavenger hunt this weekend, I have been shooting a lot ! :)

    Was wondering how to use the photos Anders took of Dexter and me and then you posted yours – you have such a great blog x

    this is a beautiful photo. I love this idea of making sure I get in at least one photo every week. That so rarely happens!

    That tree looks so pretty there on the street corner. I’m tired too! Here’s to hoping it’s a restful weekend!

    This is a great shot Ashley. At first I thought it was 2 photographs merged. You have such an eye for finding those perfect shots!

    I love this shot! And also your macro from yesterday (or your previous post – the colors and everything about it is GORGEOUS!)

    thanks for the sweet comments :)

    i love this photo, very cool and i love this idea since i am rarely in any of my pictures!
    i had big plans for today as well…maybe tomorrow!

    fun!!! I have to say that your macro shot was awesome too!!!

    I like this one a lot–great composure AND color!

    Awesome shot!!

    This is such a great idea…it’s good practice to be IN the photo sometimes…I like what you did here!