July 22, 2010
Categories: Scavenger Hunt
June 2010 Photo Hunt: Index of Favorites
Remember when I unveiled the June 2010 Photo Hunt at the beginning of this month? Well all of the participate favorites have been chosen and you can now vote on them. I’ve been selected for a few of the categories (I’ll put a * by those categories). If you’re bored and interested in checking out some of the work that’s been submitted, feel free to click on the categories below. I won’t beg for votes, but if you like my work, vote for me!

I think the photo hunt items for August will be released soon. I’ll be sure to post them in the event that you’re interested and want to play along! Have a great night.

    I saw your entries that got chosen, they were fantastic! I am definitely going to try and do the August one!

    Congrats on having so many of your pictures selected – they’re all great. I’m also looking forward to the August one.

    Congrats on all of the selections! I love your entry for outtakes and the something borrowed. This looks like fun.

    Congrats on all the pics. Of course I’m biased but I love the hilarious outtake one. ;)

    Yay! They went up fast this time. I commented about which ones I adored in an earlier post, but I must reiterate how much I liked your sweet dreams. I even voted for you on that one even though my picture was right there with yours nominated for favorite ;)

    I can’t wait to get home and look at these!

    Aww, too much fun!!!

    How fun and exciting to see my photos! I posted them to my facebook friends to drive some votes. And of course I voted for all the ones that you were featured too. Nicely done.

    Yay! Made my day!

    I made 5 of the categories — #10 on Scenic, #3 on Yellow, #9 on Transportation, #11 on Play, and #8 on Hilarious outakes. :)

    Thanks for posting this Ashley and bringing in the traffic to Photo Hunt Challenges blog! Sometimes I feel like it is so much work to only get like 20-30 people voting on each category…..

    that looks like such a cool challenge thing, i would TOTALLY enter! maybe…er…it also seems challenging…haha :)