July 09, 2010
Macro Friday
Last night, I was trying to capture some of my favorite things (I’ll be sure to share them on Sunday). I looked down and remembered that I still had a number of my favorite TV programs to watch that were saved on our DVR. Honestly, I considered including the remote as part of my favorite things, but then I reconsidered…because, let’s be honest, it’d be really lame if one of my favorite things was a remote control. Instead, I thought I’d mix it up over at Macro Friday.
Honestly though, just as I look forward to certain photo challenges, I have certain tv programs that I really do look forward to watching each week. Because I’m a dork (and I know I’m not alone), I thought I’d share my must watch shows (well the shows that are on during the summer – the list changes per season): 

Sunday: True Blood 
Monday: Persons Unknown
Tuesday: America’s Got Talent
Wednesday: So You Think You Can Dance
Thursday: So You Think You Can Dance 
(by the way, I’m really sad that Alex is injured and now eliminated from the competition – I hope he comes back next year)

What shows are on your “Must Watch” list this summer? Check out more Macro Friday shots at:

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    I love this photo and sytycd, so sad about Alex, his hip hop number was awesome!

    Oh your remote looks clean! I’m astounded.

    TV: I don’t watch much TV. I love a good series but it can’t be one that I HAVE to watch (like Lost) because I tend to miss a lot of episodes.

    Therefore I watch “The Office”. Yep, huge variety there!

    Who would have thought a picture of a remote could look so good? Love it!

    I’m having a hard time with the summer season. I am a total TV junkie during the regular months. I just started taping Glee and Boston Med. OK and I’m going to admit something I certainly wouldn’t do to anyone I didn’t really know.. ;-) I love MTV’s The City and The Hills. I love to watch some mindless reality TV at times. Those two definitely do the trick for me.

    Hope you have a great Friday!

    Geez, you have a clean remote! That will change once you have kids. :) I have a huge list of TV shows that I watch in the Fall through the Spring but nothing during the summer. That’s when I catch up on all my movies. But I have a large list. Probably too large.

    Great picture! My eye was automatically pulled to the “TV” button. You were able to get that point across in the picture perfectly.

    I definitely agree with the previous poster about your remote being clean! Our remote has bite marks all over it.

    Seeing your list of shows reminds me how a lot of my favorite shows have finished their series :( I guess I’ll have to find some new ones.

    We just started watching True Blood and started season 2 last night! I love it! I also love SYTYCD. I haven’t watched any yet this season, I’ve been so busy with DD, but I have them all on the DVR, so I hope to catch up!!

    I’m also SO sad that Alex had to leave considering he gave up so much to be there. He’s an amazing dancer and I still get chills when I think of their hiphop routine – holy!

    I’m a Big Brother fan (new season started last night) and SYTYCD that’s about it for the summer, all my shows are on hiatus for the summer (Mentalist, Big Bang Theory…)

    Great photo! I never would have thought to take a picture of a remote.

    I don’t really watch tv the much, but I love NCIS, The Office, and Big Bang Theory.

    I used to watch SYTYCD religiously. I never missed a show. Ever. Until 3 seasons ago. Remember when Katee auditioned with her roommate, Natalie? And Natalie didn’t make it? Well, I was LIVID. I liked Natalie so much more than Katee. Then Natalie got cut AGAIN the next season, so I got very turned off from the show in general.

    Very neat picture!

    Neat! Now you make me want to try macros of orginary household object…maybe once the baby is alseep:)

    I LOVELOVELOVE SYTYCD! So sad that Alex is out, I really enjoyed watching him! Now I have to pick someone else to pull for.

    Hi Ashley! I love that you posted that macro shot today… I posted one too! What a coinkidink!

    thanks for stopping by! i’ve actually been thinking of photoshop elements and was going to download the trial version the other day but completed forgot.. thanks for mentioning it!!!

    now off to keep reading your blog :)

    I love coming up with different everyday items to capture in macro…….this is awesome!

    I really love this photograph!

    I have a love affair with my DVR!! I watch so many shows during the fall/winter/spring seasons! Right now though, I am also hooked on True Blood & Dancing with the Stars. I am so upset to see Alex go too. Esp after all it took to get him this far (the ballet company contract) and what an amazing week he had last week! Poor guy!

    Ok. What else do I watch that I can’t miss? You ready?

    Grey’s Anatomy
    Private Practice
    Nurse Jacki (LOVE)
    Dexter (LOVE even more!)
    Big Love
    Brothers & Sisters (LOVE the MOST!)

    Thanks for the blog comment! I didn’t take the picture of the cougar because there was no cougar involved, I edited my post to clear that up. I was just being a funny girl with my sis. Hope you come back for more readings! I love “blog stalking” you

    Very nice shot! The creativity that I’m finding on the Macro Friday link-up astounds me! Nice work!


    Great photo! Just goes to show that you can make anything intersting!

    For my “must watch shows:” Burn Notice, Deadliest Catch and Work of Art (though I usually watch that one On Demand since DH won’t watch it with me).

    Love the remote photo Ashley…I don’t know who uses ours more Matt or me…LOL

    I just love macro photos! I am not a great photographer but I just love the macro button because it makes my photos look like I actually know what I’m doing, ha!
    I’m visiting from New Friend Friday! Come visit at http://www.kaydani20.blogspot.com :)

    Cool photo! I am watching True Blood the first season on DVD. I know kind of behind but what can you do? :)

    Thank you for the truly compassionate and kind note that you left consider the follow favor returned my friend. Please email me ANY time. I am always looking for friends to chat with as a positive pain escape. This is truly my hope.

    Hollywood Chic

    Love this… but then I love all of yoru shots.. well done, and great out of the box thinking!

    Very creative shot of an unexpected subject.

    cool shot! i also love so you think you can dance! other than that im a re-run junkie – like cold case, without a trace and forensic files (yes. i said forensic files – dont tell anyone!)

    thanks for the sweet comment on my newest post :)
    (and all the others too of course:)

    This is interesting! Makes my pics look boring (flowers).

    Very cool shot! I love how clear it is. Sometimes the most mundane things make the best macro shots! :) Maybe you could submit this to the makers of the remote control to use for advertising? Hehe.. Great shot! :)