Macro Friday (and Best Shot Friday)
Several weeks ago (or maybe it was just a week ago), Pioneer Woman held one of her photo challenges…this one was “bug” related. As much as I love a photo challenge, I still feel a tad bit intimidated to enter my photos into her competition because there are so many talented photographers that enter. Can you tell I’m working on my confidence? However, as a result of that challenge, I became fascinated with photographing bugs…especially bees. I don’t necessarily want to get too close to bees (thus the reason I now own a macro lens), but I think there hold incredible beauty. 

With that said, this is another shot I captured at the zoo. I remember walking away from the alligators and turtles…and then wandering over to some flowers. My husband was so sweet to hold my camera bag.
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I’ve also been meaning to thank Melissa D. over at 4 Ladies and a Patient Man for the Blogger with Substance Award.
With this particular award, I am supposed to: 
  • Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words
  • Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.
So…five words (or more): 
  • Photography
  • Ramblings (my own stream of consciousness)
  • PSE Editing
  • Connection
  • Life
And 10 other blogs that I feel have real substance: 

The Blogger's Concierge
If you haven’t checked out this blog…do it now! That’s all I’ll say.

Christy over at Skinned Knees is so sweet – you’ll have to check her and her photo challenges out! This week’s theme is splash. 

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It’s also Flash Back Friday…so although I probably won’t participate this week – check them out. Maybe even pull out an old photo and share it with the rest of us!

Life Set to Words
Madeline Bea has a new website…and a new challenge called the Sunday Creative. Her work is beautiful and inspiring.

The Paper Mama
The Paper Mama also sponsors a wonderful weekly challenge. I enjoy looking at the entries but I don’t participate because it’s all about the kids and I don’t feel like sharing that much of Kitty Paw each week.

Alright, I’m going to leave it at five. Notice that I tried to choose some blogs that I haven’t featured before. Now, if you’ve read this far…share a blog or two with me that I should be following. I want to be in the know! 

I may be back later with a Before and After…and then tomorrow is SOOC Saturday and the first official “Facing Myself” self portrait challenge. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

New Friend Fridays

    What a great shot! Truly beautiful!

    Congrats on another award! Racking up, girl!

    Wow, that’s a great shot! I understand the confidence issues but trust me, you are a fabulous photographer and have nothing to worry about.

    What a beautiful macro!

    Amazing macro shot.. and a great Hubby for holding the camera bag…..We joke at our house that when I move from stay at home mom to world traveling famous photographer, my hubbys can be the COF of the company.. which stand for carrier of stuff!!!!!

    Great entry

    Stopping by from New Friend Friday at Trendy Treehouse! :) Your photography is STUNNING! I look forward to coming back for more inspiration.
    Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

    This is a really beautiful photo. All of yours are beautiful! So much talent you’ve got!

    Lovely comp.

    WOW! Love everything about it; the composition, the softness of the flower, just perfect. Hey, I just got your comment on my HDR post – oooohhh…I never even thought about using a sky picture for another completely different picture. GREAT IDEA! I love it, and can’t wait to try it out. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I was thinking only in terms of using if for the same pic – 2 identical shots, different exposure. I have plenty of dull sky pictures to try it out on – LOL! Thanks for the tip! Have a great 4th of July weekend.

    lovely! the bee looks like he is just part of the flower :) the petals lead the eye straight to him.

    I LOOOOOOVE that shot!! The color, the composition, the focus! It’s so pretty! Time to submit that to a magazine girl :) Thanks for linking me up by the way!

    Great Blog:) Happy Friday! Organic Girl

    WOW! What an amazing shot!!!

    Waaaay better than what I’m about to post! Love, love, love this! You win! :)

    Very, very nice!

    You managed to capture a beautiful scene! The clarity, composition, and color are amazing! It’s just all around lovely!


    Beautiful shot! I love the composition & the color! Very nice! :)