July 08, 2010
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POTW Thursday: National Pride
First off, I was out of town yesterday, so I’ve just now caught up on all the blogs I follow. I love commenting on the work of my friends but if for some reason I overlooked you…just know I still heart you. With that said…

This week’s POTW (Picture of the Week) theme was National Pride – how appropriate considering we (if you’re in the United States) just celebrated the 4th of July.  The You Capture theme is closely related: America. 

Earlier this week, I shared my THREE firework photos worth saving…but those didn’t really say “America” or “National Pride” to me. And then last week, I shared the front of a postcard that I was sending to Malaysia – the first of many postcards I hope to send out as part of the Postcrossing project I’ve joined in the past month.

So this week, I thought I’d share a simple USA First Class Forever stamp.
National Pride
The US Forever stamp features the Liberty Bell. Here is a little history lesson (click on the text for more):

I think I take it for granted that I am an American…that I have an opportunity every day to eat, work, play, consume. But, I also believe in the American Dream – whatever that means and the optimist inside of me believes that the possibilities are endless for me…I love that.

When I look at this stamp, I think MAIL. I freaking love mail…physical mail. Of course, I love email (so keep sending it my way), but for years, I have enjoyed coming home just to run down to the edge of my driveway and open up my mailbox. I love to receive a  letter, a postcard…an invitation. Over the past ten years, we’ve become consumed with technology and have forgotten the simple act of writing. So, if you’re human (yeah, I don’t just single out the Americans), pick up a pen and start writing. The mailman will thank you. 

For more “America” photos:

    As a history teacher, I give you an A+ for this post :)

    Sadly this stamp is probably changing. Rates are going up to $0.46 and the forever stamp is being changed to evergreen trees. http://www.csmonitor.com/From-the-news-wires/2010/0707/Postage-stamps-are-going-up-in-price-again

    Wow, Ashley. Such a simple photo, and still really beautiful. Very well done.

    What a great picture…you have a way with picking your pictures that is very creative. I loved the one of the passport too. You are right about taking for granted living in America. We just went to Italy and were so glad to get home to the States were we have choices! I don’t think we appreciate that we have a lot to choose from.
    Have a great day! Denise@cottagesisters

    very cool!

    I adore getting the mail too – (almost) no matter what it is!
    I need to act faster – i looked at the original challenge last night and thought of a stamp!! nice work!

    Love this picture and love your take on the theme. Thanks for the pat on the back about my blog and photos. The feeling is mutual :)

    This is beautiful Ashley! Stunning and simple! You have the best ideas… AND you reminded me that I am out of stamps. Thank you : ) XO

    LOVE this post :)
    I love mail too! It’s sad that all the mail we usually get is a total waste of resources.

    sweet and very patriotic.

    thanks for the mini history lesson.

    Loved reading your post. Very cool that you thought to snap a shot of a postage stamp.

    VERY cool!

    What a great idea!! & the shot is lovely :) I’m afraid my idea this week fell flat :P

    OH! I love this! What kind of great lens captured this shot?

    Lovely post. I also LOVE mail. Real mail. Training my toddler to “write” cards to her loved ones. :)

    simple and fabulous!

    Cool idea! :D

    I like ‘real’ mail, too. It’s so much fun to rip open an envelope! :)

    Hi, Ashley. I just had a chance to read this post, after you peeked my curiosity in your comment on my mail box photo. I agree! I love mail, too. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a pen pal. I was always writing back and forth with someone growing up. And now, my best friend from Michigan and I regularly exchange letters and cards, even though we talk on the phone, text and email all the time, too. When I get her letters in the mail, sometimes I open them up right away, and read them in the kitchen, while the rest of the mail gets pushed to the back of the line. But many other times, I set it aside, wait until I have a quiet moment and a hot cup of tea (or wine, depending on the day), and I savor every word. Those letters mean so much to me. I keep every one of them. It’s always special to send or receive something that’s handwritten, stamped, sealed, and delivered in this day of email.

    I am a big proponent of supporting the USPS because they provide such an important service to this country! I know it’s a struggling entity right now, which is why I always choose it when sending a package over FedEx or UPS. I just can’t imagine there ever being a time when a postal person dressed in blue wouldn’t slip my mail into the box each afternoon. My husband thinks I’m nuts, and that I’m the only person to use the post office as much as I do. He says no one uses stamps anymore, but I choose to believe that’s not true! With all my family and many of my friends many states away, I’m just so thankful for the service and have a special appreciation for what that little forever stamp accomplishes.

    You are so creative! I was just wondering what to do for the America challenge and hadn’t thought of a thing. Yours is the first post I viewed and it is perfect! I would have never thought of it.

    Whatt a neat idea!

    very cool, i love this photo for this photo challenge…what a great way to interpret America. Gorgeous photo too!