July 25, 2010
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Holy Cow…at some point over the past couple of days, I reached 300 followers! I should have stopped to say something but I was trying to rest my back, so I’ll say something now. Thank You! I feel like we should be celebrating – should I have a giveaway or something? I’m open to suggestion, so send the comments my way.  

Speaking of followers and blog hopping…because I took the day off yesterday, my blog reader is incredibly backed up…like over 900 new posts kinda backed up (it will do that to me when I add new blogs), so I’ve gotten a tad bit overwhelmed and just clicked “mark as read” on all of them. So, here’s what I need from you – leave me a comment and I will go back to your blog and check out what you’ve been up to. This is my way of catching up with some sort of priority system. By tomorrow, I should be back to normal (or something that looks remotely like normal) and happy to comment on your blog entries to my heart’s content. Oh, and by the way, for those of you that commented on my post yesterday with regards to “the bag” search…thank you so much. I’ve certainly got a lot to think about before I make my bag purchase.

Anyways, if you’re new to my blog, Sunday is one of my favorite days for photo challenges because it’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The rules are simple: 
  1. Anyone can participate (although it started in a photography board on The Bump). 
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. 
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots). 
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Monday at the latest) – you can use the new button. 
  5. Have fun!
Now for my interpretation of the scavenger hunt items: 

1. Food
This is one of my Lean Cuisine steamer bags for one (remember, I don’t cook). These are new and delicious. I believe this particular one was Margherita Chicken…yummy.

2. Portrait
This is one of the shots from my portrait session on the beach. I love how this particular one shows my niece’s personality…and everyone is looking at the camera. Score!

3. Chair
Because I can’t make decisions some days…I give you two chair shots, both taken during my Scott Kelby Photo Walk yesterday. By the way, Natalie and I had a great time hanging out together and meeting other local photographers. I have so many files to go through now…but I will share soon. I promise!

Oh, and while I’m at it…there’s a pretty good shadow going on my chair shots, so I’ll send these over to Shadow Shot Sunday.

4. Game
I’m lame…I took a shot of our Wii games – unfortunately, we rarely play with them anymore.

5. Miniature
You saw my shot of the angel the other day…one of my choices for miniature. But, I decided on something a little different for the scavenger hunt – miniature shampoo and conditioner bottles. We travel so much that we have quite a collection and I was being “artsy.” 

What were your interpretations of the items this week? I can’t wait to check them out. Be sure to load your pictures in your blog and link up at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to grab the button below to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until tomorrow at midnight. If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week, here are your items: 
  1. Wide Open (also your POTW theme)
  2. Clock
  3. Junk 
  4. Shiny
  5. View from Below

That should keep you busy for a few days. I’ll be back tomorrow (or earlier to share some exciting news). Have a great week and good luck!

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    300 followers, Congrats! I love the photo of your beach portrait. Looking forward to your photo walk pictures :)

    Thanks so much for hosting this – this was Tsoooo much fun! Love the yellow chairs – they made me smile. The portrait is beautiful, a definite memory maker/keeper. Very clever with the miniature bottles. Have a great Sunday!

    Congrats on 300 followers!! That is awesome. I love the miniature shampoo and conditioner shot..very artsy! :)

    Happy Sunday!

    Cool shots as always. WOW, 300 followers!! I’m trying to hard to catch up to you, with my 55! =D Yeah, it might be awhile, and then you’ll still be ahead. Well, check up on me, will ya? I just posted some more photos of, uh, Piper. But no, wait! There are macros too, and a little bit of LR noise reduction demonstration.

    Congrats on hitting the 300 mark. If I ever hit 50 I’ll be shocked :) Great shots, I love the bathtub shot. Very original and well executed! I’d like to play along this week but I will def have to dig for a couple photos….I will be better about next week’s theme! I hope your back feels better soon! I injured my back when I was pregnant and it’s been a looooong road to recovery (almost). Have a great day!

    I did not meet the challenge this week :( I was super bummed, but I am excited about next week. You food picture is my favorite,it looks so yummy. I think I will go eat something :)

    Yay! 300 followers! Your blog is so fun, it’s not hard to see why! If you decide to do a giveaway or anything, I would love to offer up an invitation/announcement design for someone.

    Love the chair photos. My husband travels a lot too. I keep telling him, bring me more soap!!! :O)

    As usual, GREAT photos!! You could also link the chair photo to Shadow Shot Sunday – that chair’s got a pretty cool looking shadow!

    Congrats on 300! I’ll be thrilled to reach 10! :-)

    Great stuff with 300 followers, and as always great photos, love the miniature one!

    Congrats on 300 followers – it’s quite an achievement! I’m definitely going to be participating in the scavenger hunt; it’ll be a great opportunity to play around with my new camera! I’m your newest follower!


    your photography’s great Ashley, considering your haven’t been doing it long. adorable family!

    I’m pretty sure I want to eat your “Food”, visit that beach in “Portrait”, sip a cup o’ joe in your “Chair”, be the Princess in Mariokart in your “Game”, and relax in the tub in your “Miniature”… Brilliant and Wonderful.

    Loved this scavenger hunt and I look forward to participating in next weeks!!!

    So jealous of your gorgeous bathtub! Congrats on 300 followers!

    I’m in love with your chair shots, & am incredibly jealous that I didn’t venture out to capture something more interesting! Of course love your family portrait..your niece is a cutie pie :D

    No surprise on your 300 (now +) followers. You have a great blog!

    I have some cute new postings over at my blog. Hmmm, let’s see, there’s water fun, poop (yes, poop), food fails and all kinds of wonderful! We’ll be looking for ya.


    Moo!! 300 followers! That’s awesome! I hate myself for not finding your blog sooner… you are one of my new faves!! :)
    as for what I’ve been upto… baking.

    Wooohooo! You are a blogging rockstar, my friend! Way to go. I love all the photos and am going to try my hardest this week to participate in this week’s scavenger hunt!

    You have a wonderful blog and I am so flattered at you stopping over at my place, thank you very much. This looks a lot of fun, I will be more prepared for last week, but couldn’t wait to jump in so have done one for today but game is the game we played last night at the restaurant, and chair, well I had to do a bit of extreme liberty taking but hope for this week you will let me off! What a fun thing, I am very excited!

    I’m totally doing the scavenger hunt this week (to post next sunday!) It sounds like such fun. Thanks for visiting my blog lately, it’s great to start getting regular visitors. :) Maybe one day I’ll have 300!

    Your photos are quite inspiring.

    What have I been doing? Well, I had my first photoshoot for someone who I did not give birth to this week. I’m not even distantly related to the kid, ha ha. Hope you’ll check it out!


    Congrats on your followers! I love your blog so I’m not surprised!! Oh, and I saw your photo over at Trendy Treehouse as one of the winners – congrats! I love your selections for the photos, especially the food (maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for food…. especially pasta…?)! Have a happy week!

    love the chair shadowsx lynda
    other images amazing too.

    photo blog http://chocolatelifeandjazz.blogspot.com
    art/craft http://tryingtocreatearteveryday.blogspot.com

    WOW, three hundred! How awesome! I am excited to do the scavenger hunt sunday! This will be fun! Hope your weekend has been a good one!

    I concur with about everyone else. 300 followers= pretty awesome blogger.

    Your miniature shot is so creative and fun. Your food picture is making me hungry. YUM!

    Wow, 300 Followers! That is great. I love your food shot…amazing. Makes me want to buy some Lean Cuisine. I also love your chair shot…

    That is awesome Ash!

    A lovely set of photos! Thanks a bunch for joining in my Shadow Shot Sunday meme. Have yourself a great week :)

    I love them all…I really like your miniature; clean and simple. I took the same chair pics. LOL. I had a great time too. Durham was a great location for the photo walk.

    You are so much fun to follow! I am not surprised….. Love your photos as always, your words and your encouragement…… :) Keep up the great work.

    Scavenger hunt suggestions – if you need any — fence, mailbox, made of rock, …. I was out and about the other day and was thinking of inanimate objects to shoot! :)

    Cheers to you!
    Happy Monday.

    I love the new scavenger hunt button. who made that up?
    ::off to add to the blog::

    Congrats on 300 followers, that’s awesome! I am a big fan of your blog and always read it.

    I can’t believe you were able to mark all as read, I came back from vacation and had over 2000 but I couldn’t get myself to do that (even though I *really* wanted to), I’m slowly getting through them all!