July 03, 2010
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SOOC Saturday: One Night in Philly
My sister is staying with us this weekend, and we are in between a day at the pool and going out later tonight, so I will make this quick. I took this shot earlier this week while in Philadelphia with the intentions of potentially using it for my “night scene” shot. I decided against it, but when I pulled it back up today, I liked it enough to share.
One Night in Philly
ISO 1600, f/2.8, 28mm, 1/10 sec.

I’m going to get going for now, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items (I’m hosting this month, so I may try a linky). At some point this week, I”ll also be posting my Facing Myself photo. For now though, check out more SOOC Saturday entries:


    how amazing and glamorous city life is – this picture captures that electric feel
    Love the picture

    Cool shot. I like the night scene. Very alive. Hope you’re having fun this weekend!

    Wow – I love the photo. I’ve always loved night shots, unfortunately, I’m not great at taking them. Must practice! :)

    Wow, you made my city look fantastic – thanks!!! Great shot.

    I like the transition from velvet black and sharp white at the top to a warm diffused golden glow at the bottom — very nice!

    Great night shot.

    Love it! You are rockin’ that camera, girl!

    That shot is di-vine!

    Beautiful!! I love night scenes and you captured this one well.

    Ohhh this is beautiful! I think I’m going to join SOOC Saturdays :)

    Great night scene, there is so much energy, and the drama in the lighting is just great. I’m curious with you shooting in RAW now (and this being as nearly sooc as a RAW can be) what did you set you WB to? I am so close to making the change to RAW, but it terrifies me because I hardly have any time to edit!

    Great question Jess – I do shoot 100% so when I open my photos in Adobe Camera Raw, I would normally make any exposure and white balance adjustments there. For SOOC Saturday, I move it over to PSE without any adjustments, watermark it and then upload.

    Now, you ask about WB, I still operate in auto mode…for now. I think shooting in Raw is create because you have so much more control in post-processing. If you do mess up your exposure or white balance, etc…you can quickly correct it. I can also edit a number of photos in ACR if they are in RAW format.

    I just love night pictures of big cities! The colors in the picture are great! Makes me wanna go on a roadtrip!