Touch-Up Tuesday: Sweet Sister
My “sweet sister” came to visit us this weekend. While we were at the pool, I thought about Skinned Knees and remembered that I needed to take a “splash” photo. I yell out to my sister, “Hey Jamie, why don’t you make a splash.” She doesn’t even bat an eye and starts throwing her arms up in the air, splashing around. Meanwhile, I’m snapping away and my friends look over at me with this look of “you brought your big camera?” 

Now if my sister happens to come upon my blog, she’ll probably want to smack me for posting pictures of her…but she’s a beautiful girl and these are humorous pictures…so bite me! I do think I’ll use this shot for both Touch-Up Tuesday and Skinned Knees’ challenges. Here is the SOOC shot (as close to SOOC as I can get converting from RAW to JPG).
My steps: 
  • Open photo in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
    • Adjust white balance to daylight. 
    • +28 Fill Light
    • +5 Blacks
    • +50 Brightness
    • +38 Contrast
  • Open photo in PSE7
    • Cropped photo to remove background distractions
    • Ran Squeaky Clean
      • Adjusted levels: 11  1.40  250
      • Adjusted more color layer: cyan +20 (I probably didn’t need to do this)
    •  Ran Berries N’ Cream
      • Lowered Raw Sugar layer tp 15% opacity
      • Lowered Berry light layer to 2% opacity
    • Resized and sharpened for the web.
Jamie Pool 1
I thought I’d include this other shot because it’s so classic of my sister. I can’t decide if she’s saying “HOLLA!” or if she’s saying “talk to the hand.” She’s so crazy but I love her!
Jamie Pool 2


By the way, apparently there is a blogger glitch and my comments are not being posted to my blog. So, if you send me a comment and don’t see it posted…I promise I didn’t delete your comment. In fact, I’m rather annoyed that I can’t see my comments. Oh well, have a great day!

***July 13 – The last photo now being included in Trendy Treehouse’s Shutter Love Tuesday Theme: By the Pool! Go check out some of the other entries and/or check out some of my latest posts. 

TT 125

    I love the color of the pool in your edit and your sister’s face is lightened considerably! The crop is great since it brings the focus on your beautiful sister. Wonderful edit!

    What great shots! Looks like you and your sister had a wonderful time together.

    very nice! her face is awesome in the last one!

    She is beautiful, she shouldn’t kill you. :) Love the touch up! As usual! You’re so good.

    Another blog I follow was having this same issue with comments last night! Crazy! Nice edit!

    so pretty- a lovely edit as always!

    She is pretty! She has nothing to worry about :)

    I’m having the same problem with comments. It started last night for me; some of them show up, some of them don’t.

    I am having the same comment problem…bummer! I really love all of these photos…nice clean edits! Great job! :)

    Very nice! :D

    The last shot is awesome. :D Gotta love sisters.

    Oooh, great shots!! I can’t decide if I like the edit better or the extra shot that you included. Love her expression in the last one.

    Mine is doing the same thing with the comments! So annoying!

    Your sister is too cute! Love that shot!

    OK, first I have to say your sister is way too beautiful and it’s not fair. I love this touch-up because I have a zillion pictures that look like your SOOC, and I love how you edited it. Thanks so much for listing your steps – I can use the help on that! :-)

    Thank you also SO MUCH for the blog award – you are too sweet! It means a lot that you thought of me! We just got in from 7 days at the cabin, and I’m going thru Ramblings and Photos blog withdrawl. Totally have to catch up on my daily dose of inspiration.

    Also, my last name is actually Bonnie – LOL! Although I do answer to both – hee hee! :-)

    Thank you so much for this helpful edit, and I’ll be back tomorrow when I’m not brain dead from my trip to scour your blog for awesome tidbits. :-) Have a great week!

    LOL – just got your comment! That’s funny, I come across as a complete extrovert (anyone would think so), but I definitely need my alone time too. I tell my husband that ALL the time. I need some time alone, and time to be quiet away from people.

    I get called Bonnie about 50% of the time – ha! With 2 first names, what can I expect, right? I have never minded except for ONE person…my OB that delivered my 2nd child. I’m like, you’re pulling a human from my body and you STILL don’t know my name??!! HA HA! Have a great week too!

    Great splash pics! She looks like someone I’d love to hang with for a while. And I love the “you brought your big camera?” Classic!

    great shots! i love that she started splashing away without even a though :)

    Great edit – I take my “big camera” (plus additional lens) with me everywhere. Noone even bats an eye now

    You girls are SO pretty. Oh my heart. : ) You really did a great job editing. Soft and lovely : )

    I SO love that last one. Ha!! :)

    Wow!! Love the edits!!!
    Beautiful Girl!!!