Back to School

From what I understand, all the kiddies are going back to school. I may not be going back to school, but I’m ready for class – Faith’s Fall SLR Photography Class! I got this handy dandy notebook here to take notes…I’ve got stamps for all the letters and postcards I plan to write…and I’ve got my daily planner ready to keep track of all my challenges and assignments.
Back to School
Are your registered? If not, you should be. Click here. 

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Before classes start, let’s give our summer vacations a moment of silence. Good bye summer. We really did have some good moments. You will be missed, but there is always next year.
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I’m entering this shot into this week’s Shutter Love Tuesday at the Trendy Treehouse. For more vacation photos, go to:

Have a great day!

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Sweet Shot Day 

    oh my goodness. That first shot. Such sweet childhood innocence.

    Awww, & it totally looks like she’s saying goodbye to summer :(

    What great captures!!!

    Yay! I’m taking Faith’s class too! Super excited you’ll be there with me! :)

    I would love to join the class too, but no money here (or camera =P). I look forward to seeing your progress though and your pictures are beautiful already!!

    You’re notebook picture makes me want to go back to school. I think I’m going to pretend anyway!

    That is the cutest notebook!! How come they weren’t so cool when I was in school. Beautiful photos, i especially love the one of the girl leaning on the banister. I’m off to check out that class…

    I was hoping to be able to sign up for Faith’s class, but I don’t have my own DSLR yet. Hopefully, by the next class she runs, I might… Crossing my fingers!

    I wanted to let you know 2 things: First, I am linking back to you (again) in a tutorial that I am posting on my blog in a couple days.

    Second, I bookmarked your flickr page in my inspiration folder (as if following your blog wasn’t enough). Hope you don’t mind!

    aw. such sweet photos of your neice. and what a great shot for going back to school!

    Thanks SO much for the shout-out for the classes! THREE more people registered just this morning! I’m completely astonished :)

    Beautiful shots of your niece!!!!! I’m hoping to take a class here in the fall too! Better get researching…thanks for the reminder!

    I am taking this class as well :) I can’t wait!!!

    I have been having problems with my Google Reader, too. All of my subscriptions are there, but sometimes new posts aren’t bolded, so I don’t get notifications. Oh well.

    Can’t wait to see your vintage shot!

    Have you taken this class before or is this your first time? I was thinking about taking it. :)

    I just love that notebook! I would love to know what you thought of the class.
    Love the photos!

    I’m hoping to sign up for this class as soon as finances allow. :) Also, I love the notebook you chose for taking notes and, awwww, to those goodbye to summer shots! Beautiful!!

    ps. Thanks for stopping by my little site. :)

    *Sigh*….don’t remind me! Summer is going by way too fast! And I’ll be sending my little boy to preschool…here come the waterworks! :) Cute shots!

    love these photos and your blog <3


    Love your Trendy Treehouse shot! That bokeh is beautiful (and your adorable subject doesn’t hurt either :)).

    Adorable girl there….. :O)

    Cute B2S tools! Love!!

    I’m a teacher and back to work on Thursday. I’m always excited to go back but sad to leave my baby girl :( Gorgeous shots!

    I heart that notebook! Where did you get that? :)

    This is so beautiful. She is a doll. Love her freckles. Love her hair. Love her smile.

    Also love that you are the master linker of all blogland. XO XO XO

    She is the cutest little girl!

    Where’d you get that notebook? I love it!

    Your niece has awesome freckles!


    Hey Ashley,

    I was just changing my Trendy Treehouse post as you posted. It’s always so hard to figure out which one I like best. I also added another of my favorites. I love taking photos on the beach!

    I think everyone looks good at the beach!


    I will have to go and check the class out! I love the pictures of your niece, she is too cute.

    I love the bokeh in the last picture! Im going to go check the class out now.

    Yahh, I can’t wait for the class! I’m beyond excited!

    It feels that kids just got out of school! I have friends sending kids off to school today! Up here, school won’t start until the day after Labor Day so we still have a few weeks. :)