August 18, 2010
Backgrounds & Layer Masks for PSE
How did I take this cute snapshot….
Godparents Before and After
and turn it into this?

I’m guest blogging over at Skinned Knees today. Go check out my tutorial and tell Christy I sent you! More later – have a great day!

    Cute family! :D

    Nice save.

    Looks fabulous!

    Nice! I often think, ugh if only that background wasn’t there….. :O)

    Oh, i love a good lesson! I’m headed there now.

    OK, I visited the blog and read your tutorial and I finally get it! I’ve seen you do it in the past, but I thought it sounded really hard, so I kind of gave up after a few steps. But today I said…I’m going to get it! It’s not hard at all! I opened up a pic in CS4, and followed your instructions. Sure, it took 30 minutes to find the selection tool, but after that, it was all good. Thanks for the tutorial. Happy Wed. my friend!

    Heading over there right now! I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this!

    Oooh, nicely done, A-Sisk.

    Can I call you A-Sisk? Just sometimes?

    great job! i love using layers<3

    wow you have the skills. keep it up.

    :0) I know I know! It looks much better. :)

    Thanks Ashley! That first born of mine with all that blond hair is actually my son. He’s 3 1/2 and never had a haircut so we get that a lot but he’s all boy..


    No worries. People tell me everyday that he’s too pretty to be a boy. Whatever that means.

    He does look a lot like me which is funny because my daughter has my kiss my ass personality and my son is super sweet.