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Beer, Bourbon and BBQ - Ramblings and Photos

August 11, 2010
Beer, Bourbon and BBQ
BBQ 5 blog
Last weekend, my husband and I met up with a few friends at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival.
BBQ 2 blog
There were sooooo many people there and it shouldn’t be of any surprise that there were a lot of people ready to get their drink on. For $35, you could sample as many beers and “bourbons” (there were other liquors there as well)…they even gave you a glass to get started.
BBQ 1 blog
We decided that we were more interested in three things:
  1. Finding a nice shady place to sit
  2. Eating BBQ
  3. Listening to music
So, we found ended up sitting by the Kettle Corn tent. Apparently, kettle corn is a hit. Who knew!
BBQ 9 blog
This particular lady decided she was interested in good music and a good book.
BBQ 7 blog
I should have taken a picture of my BBQ sandwich, but I was so hungry that I ate it before realizing that I hadn’t taken a picture. So, I know you can’t see it, but it was really good.
BBQ 8 blog
After we ate, I thought I’d walk around to see if anything caught my eye. At the time, they were announcing this year’s BBQ winner (I missed it) and then held two competitions. The first competition was the Miss BBQ Festival (I think) – it looked pretty trashy, so I took a shot of the crowd instead. As you might imagine, all the men were paying attention. The second competition was the Mr. Beer Gut, and I really didn’t care to see big beer bellies.
BBQ 6 blog
Instead, I walked back over to where we were sitting and spotted this guy with the beard. My first thought was “masculine.” On second thought, perhaps I can find an even more masculine shot, but he looked like he was having a good time.
BBQ 4 blog
And finally, I spotted cuteness. On that note, go check out more black and white images at: 
the long road

On another note…I’m considering changing up my blog and I might need help but don’t know where to start. If you do this type of work or you’re interested in helping me, please leave me a comment or contact me.

    Looks like you had a good time and found lots of interesting things to look at. I love all the photos. They just seem so bright and, well, perfect really. :)

    Oh I wish I could have been there with you to take photos too, it looks like a hoot! Your photos are great, as always.

    Hmmm…looks like you were surrounded by an interesting array of people. I know the feeling, I do live in Alabama. :) Kettle Korn is a HUGE thing here, especially at the fair in October.

    Love, love, love BBQ! I’m thinking you should come to KC and sample some of it here! ;P

    And if you need help with your blog I would be happy to lend a hand (if I can!).

    Looks like a lot of people, indeed! No way would I be able to drink, especially in the heat… the results wouldn’t be pretty! LoL! Glad ya’ll had a good time, though!

    Oh I’m so glad you decided to not take photos of the beer belly contest. ha! We have Pig Gig in Bay City that is similar to this, but I’m soooo sure that North Carolina has better BBQ and I’m jealous.

    I want to change up my blog, too. I think I may just wait until September though.

    The color shots are great, but the BW ones are stunning!

    Looks like a lot of fun (kettle corn!) great shots!

    My husband would of totally liked this festival. (I would of too I must admit). He loves all three of those things. Food is always right up my alley! =)

    What fun!!! You always have a knack for capturing the “mood” of a place or event in your photos :D

    Awesome photos Ashley…..looks like it was a blast!!!

    I’m not technically taking new clients, but I’d love to do your blog if you are interested :)

    Great shots as always, Ashley.

    I have to tell you, it wasn’t the cute babe in your last shot that caught my eye, it was the mom. The mom, with the bag slung across her aching shoulder, squatted down trying to keep her babe from going past that point of no return. It’s so frustrating, and exhausting, and never ending. You captured that feeling perfectly, and I think not seeing the mom’s face only adds to it in your photo.

    Looks like fun! i really like the feeling you captured in your photos.

    it looks like it was a great festival !

    This looks like so much fun, my husband would have been so happy here. He loves bbq. Great photos, especially the sign.

    Beautiful shots. Looks like a fun event. I love kettle corn.

    looks like you had a great time! nice shots :)

    What a great idea Beer and BBQ festival !! :) looks like you had a nice day there!!!!

    i like that pics, wish you had taken the photo of the sandwich but oh well :)

    have a great day! xxxx

    This looks like such a fun day! And you got some really great shots!

    Hi, Ashley! How are you? I’m excited about getting your letter, yay!

    I’ve already bought a couple of things to send. I’ll let you know when I’ve posted it.



    Ashley your pics are great! Looks like you had a blast. The area you live in really has tons of activities during the weekend. I always love to see what you’ve been up to.

    Looks like a loads of fun! Very popular too!

    This has the Carolina’s all over it — gotta love those community Fairs! :) Nice capture of the people and the place. :)

    Glad you got your BBQ fix – yum! I like the lady with the chair and book in a sea of legs.

    How fun! Sounds like my kind of a day fersher. : )

    I had no idea something like this existed! I miss America (I’m miss america is what that sounded like…)

    Looks like so much fun and Yummy!!