August 19, 2010
Before and After
Liz from “tickled PINK” contacted me the other week with an editing challenge. She sent me the shot on the left and asked if there was anything I could do with it. I took one look at it, and couldn’t wait to work with it…I seriously love the backlighting of this shot.
IMG_2296_2 before and after
For a photo like this, it doesn’t have to take you hours to correct the over exposure – it might have taken me 5 minutes. I started in Adobe Camera Raw, made a few adjustments and then brought it over to Photoshop Elements. I worked through Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean (basic levels adjustment) and then applied Nelly Nero’s Woodstock action and Amy McMaster’s Berries N’ Cream action. Once I’d merged those layers, I created a new layer and used my burn tool to darken her skin just a hint. What do you think ? 

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