August 17, 2010
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: Arts – N – Crafts
Welcome back to the In a Yellow House photo challenge. I am still hosting this challenge for the month of August while Chelsea travels the globe. 
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The past three weeks have been incredible and you guys really showed me some of your best “urban,” “animal kingdom,” and “on the road” shots. You’ve really made it difficult for me to choose a winner each week, but I hope that this week is no different.
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Remember, this photo challenge is meant to be fun and inspiring. If you’d like to get your camera out and take a fresh shot, that’s great…but it isn’t required (we all know how busy life gets…sometimes we’ve gotta go into the archives).
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Each week, I’ll select a winner and at the end of August, we’ll have a vote for the best photo of the month and that person will receive some sort of prize that Chelsea will pick up in Europe.
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The theme this week is “Arts – N – Crafts.” I thought this would be a fun week for all the moms out there. I know you’ve had plenty of arts-n-crafts moments and I want to see them.
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If you’re like me, and don’t have children, I hope you used this opportunity to do something artsy or crafty. Personally, I pulled my oil pastels out of storage, got some construction paper, and let my fingers do the work.
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I’ve taken several art classes and worked with various mediums but I’ve always come back to oil pastels. Something about them feels so natural to me. In high school, I once did a piece that kept me involved for weeks…and covered in color – actually, it was probably the adhesive I was using to recreate a fence. I only wish I still had the piece to show for myself…it was pretty cool.
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With all that said, now it’s time for you to link up. The linky will be open until Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST. Be sure to link directly to your blog post with your In a Yellow House photo challenge entry (not your main blog) and let me know which specific photo (choose one) within that post is being submitted to the challenge. Please also grab the button below to link back to the challenge and encourage others to join (if the html code doesn’t work for you, try to simply copy and paste the button into your blog). If you really want to make my day, leave me a comment too!
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge

Want to know what future themes are coming up for the In a Yellow House photo challenge? Next week’s challenge is: “Trees.” By the way, I am in training again today so please be patient with me as I return your comments and make my way back around to your blogs. I promise I’m not ignoring anyone. Have a great week!

    I grew up with watercolors, mainly because my dad paints in watercolor. But if I were to paint, I think I would go with oil pastels, too! I love how smoothly they roll across the paper… :)

    Lovely shot!

    Love your shots, it really makes me want to grab hold of the oil pastels and give it a go myself.

    Thank you for regularly stopping by and leaving comments. I was away for a while on holidays, was not able to comment or answer questions.

    One of them about the giraffe shot and which lense I use, it is a Tamron 18-270mm, it is the one I use most of the time when I am out for the day.

    Have a beautiful

    Your blog and photos are both super! I’m linking to this challenge for the first time. My photo blog is new and this is such fun! ♥

    Love the colours in these photos Ashley. Makes me want to get my hands dirty with pastels – it’s been so long since I used them!

    THE ROLLING STONES: She’s like a Rainbow …

    I love the colors!! And, I love “hope”! You always do so well with the macro shots – very creative.

    My grandmother was a wonderful artist, but she preferred watercolor. I think I’ll use a photo of one of her paintings for my entry.

    Have a good day in training. Hope it’s a good one and not a boring one :-)

    these are my favorite shots yet! i mean, they would be awesome in a kid’s room.

    beautiful crafty shots. It makes me want to go to the art store.

    These are some fantastic shots!!!!!!!

    Love these macro shots–so colorful!

    OK – #1 …. I love how the project is resulting in HOPE! :) Yay!
    My favorites of your series are #2 and #4 — the way that the colors spill out of the crayon on 4 is so nice. I am quilting this week (or attempting to get it started so be ready— I haven’t had the energy yet, but hopefully today! :)

    Beautiful! I love the bokeh in them too…. it almost looks tie-dyed!

    Oh Ashley, I love these shots! They’re so incredibly eye catching! I’s funny b/c I just finished blogging about how I’m so NOT crafty :P So I’m going to enjoy seeing everyone’s interpretations today!

    Wonderful pictures.. I love the colors! :)

    You kill me with your macro shots. I want my lens so bad! (RIGHT NOW!) Love seeing your interpretations of the themes. I’ll have my post up today. Wonder how it will go.

    These are beautiful shots! I love that you incorperated not only the tools but the art you created with them!

    Amazing pictures! Love the “HOPE”

    Wow. I have to admit that first photo really threw me. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was. LOL

    Those oil pastels are gorgeous!! If I had an “arts & crafts” room I would want these shots blown up and printed to put on the walls!! Just gorgeous.

    Awww, this is beautiful! I wish I would have participated. Getting ready for school has consumed my life lately :( I’m missing out!!

    Each year, in a town just north of me called Arcata, on the first Sat. in Oct, the “plazza” which is the center up the town which is outlined with cememnt is over taken and people rent out three and six feet squares to do a huge piece of art in. It’s always amazing work! There is a farmers market and live music. My BF and I volunteer each year. <3

    Anyways haha, thanks for sharing, Ashely!

    Beautiful photos!

    Gorgeous photos! The colors are absolutely STUNNING!!

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    Lovely shots. Sorry for being absent from the blog for so long. I have been buried in Mortal Muses html programming. LOL!

    Blogger just kicked me out and deleted my password. I guess I am being punished for being behind on my blog reading. :)

    Holy macro batman! Love love love the definition on the ends of the (what were they called?)… and the colors are FAB! Beautiful shots – love them all!

    love your shots Ashley, I remember using the pastels in school and I loved them -

    Amazingly beautiful photographs!!! I love the colors. What is your favorite lens to use?

    Thank you for your fast responses :) I’ve been kicking around what lens to get next (the 50mm 1.4 or the Tamron that you use!). I currently only have a canon 18-135mm/3.5-5.6 lens and really want one with a lower f-stop. Thanks to your blog I’m going with the Tamron :)

    Great Job as always Ahsley…love all the colors…..

    OOppssss sorry, I mean “Ashley”…I guess my fingers were typing toooooo fast…

    I love the last picture, it is so pretty every color blended so perfectly ahhh it just makes me smile hehe

    Beautiful as usual! This makes me want to go and buy pastels NOW :)

    Beautiful shots! Makes me wish I had oil pastels. If I can get my craft post together I will link up. Keegan starting school has completely thrown me and my schedule off. I’m behind on EVERYTHING.

    I always preferred oil pastels too. Probably why I am fond of the slight smell of turpentine too. : ) Brings back memories.

    Great shots! {always : )}

    I just have to say WOW, fantastic photos!

    Your oil pastels are beautiful.

    Sorry I recycled my crayon photos… but hubby had surgery today and I definitely haven’t had time to do anything artsy!

    Those colors are so beautiful, I love how you captured them!

    Oh my gosh, I bet the entries in this challenge are gonna be awesome. The colors in your shots make me so happy!

    Oil pastels are so beautiful! They are my favorite art supply! Great photos!

    I don’t have anything for this theme, but your photos are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    Hey Ashley, loved the way crayons are photographed, I saw these and made some pictures for my new lil friends :) Thank you.

    amazing as always I used a few I posted in earlier posts bc I post some craft stuff on my page but it went with todays theme so it made it easier :-)!

    Gorgeous photos!! I may have to join you guys on these challenges :) But where do I find the time ?? :o/ Loving the beautiful crayon photos! Loving the color, composition, DOF…way to go!!!

    The colors in these are gorgeous!

    I have never seen oil pastels looking so beautiful. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    I absolutely LOVE the colors and depth of field! WOW!! ;D
    I decided to fulfill more of the challenges on my photo blog that was being grossly neglected. LOL! So, yes, I’m the same Holly from Diamond Potential… Just thought I’d let you know so you weren’t thinking, “WHOA!! DEJAVU!!” LOL!!

    Love your oil pastel photos! The colors and angles are great and I didn’t even care about what your artwork was turning out to be since I was enjoying seeing the colors and pastels and all….

    Love these pics! Did you use a macro lens??

    Very pretty! I love all the colorful looks at the oil thingies, lol. And your finished product, wonderful!!

    Absolutely beautiful! I love those, I love to draw! I will have to start drawing and posting photos :) the colors are awesome

    i love the pastels! i love using them too. these photo submissions are so nice! you will have a hard time again picking lol


    I love me some arts and crafts! Beautiful shots and workings with your oil pastels!

    I love how vibrant the colors are! Such great shots!

    Wow. These photographs are just gorgeous. I love how colorful it is and the shallow DOF!

    LOVE this theme, Ashley! And, of course, I love your captures. I haven’t worked with those pastels in years, but I can still remember how smoooooth they are! :o)

    again, beautiful images, ashley! i’ve been swamped w life, but hoping to jump back on my blog circuit again soon! hope you’ve been well…

    I love these shots! They have such drama and grace, but this wonderful simplicity. Love!