August 03, 2010
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: The Animal Kingdom
As you know, I am hosting the In a Yellow House challenge for the month of August while Chelsea travels the globe. My first week on the job was incredible and you guys really showed me some of your best “urban” shots. My hope is that this week is no different. 
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Like I said last week, there are a lot of photo challenges out there (especially on Tuesdays). This one is meant to be fun and inspiring. If you’d like to get your camera out and take a fresh shot, that’s great…but it isn’t required (we all know how busy life gets…sometimes we’ve gotta go into the archives). Each week, I’ll select a winner and at the end of August, we’ll have a vote for the best photo of the month and that person will receive some sort of prize that Chelsea will pick up in Europe.
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The theme this week is “The Animal Kingdom.” I don’t want to limit your creativity by forcing you to stick to pets, farm animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds or bugs so I’m leaving the door wide open. Show me your favorite “animal” (and I use that term loosely) shot. 
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I personally decided to share some of the photos that I’ve been meaning to share from our trip to the aquarium while we were on vacation.
IMG_4461 blog
I thought I’d also share some of my photos from the zoo…but I’ll save those for tomorrow (I’ll even convert a few of my shots to black and white for Black & White Wednesday).
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With all that said, now it’s time for you to link up. The linky will be open until Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST. Be sure to link directly to your blog post with your In a Yellow House photo challenge entry (not your main blog) and let me know which specific photo (choose one) within that post is being submitted to the challenge. Please also grab the button below to link back to the challenge and encourage others to join. If you really want to make my day, leave me a comment too!
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge
Want to know what future themes are coming up for the In a Yellow House photo challenge? Next week’s challenge is: “On the Road.” Have a great week!


    I love the second photo –is that a lobster? Very cool shots! :)

    They’re all fantastic! My favorite is the 3rd one with all the blue. I’m hoping to get a turtle shot edited and linked up. I’m swamped at work, but what I went through to get the shot makes me adamant to get it done!

    Wowza Ashley. Your pictures from the aquarium are fabulous. You have mad skillz!

    Wow. The jellyfish is fantastic.

    I love the jellyfish! Aquarium shots are really a challenge with all the dim lighting and glass everywhere! DH and I love aquariums and try to find one every time we travel. These make me want to take a trip!

    These are great! I love aquarium shots. If I get time later, I might dig mine out and post to link up.

    I just love aquariums – When I visited my brother in Dallas a couple years ago, he took me to Dallas World Aquarium. We had so much fun in there!
    Cool shots!

    Your photos are amazing. I love the jellyfish!!

    These shots are absolutely amazing.

    These are amazing shots.

    So pretty. The aquarium is a great place to get such great colors and such! I will post something wonderful when I get home tonight for this challenge!

    These are all so good! The jellyfish is AMAZING! I’m afraid I don’t have anything to share :( I don’t think a rabbit falls under the catergory of “animal kingdom.”

    Fantastic shots! I think I might have one to enter, I will have to look when I get home = )

    Alright, alright, twist my arm…but I’m afraid my entry won’t even come close to these being posted!!!

    WOW! That first picture – it looks like those blue markings are PAINTED on…. so gorgeous!

    Love the jellyfish! The blue POPS out at you!

    Your pictures are beautiful!!

    Great photos! Very cool jellyfish!

    Ashely, Staying in auto is against everything I believe in. I don’t see the point of having a decent camera if I want it to do everything for me. I might as well by a disposable.


    I learned a lot by having a DSLR and then having it gone for this long pushed me to use this PnS. I guess it’s good for a PnS but I feel like my arm has been cut off. I’m going crazy! I’m trying to do the photo challenge for August but it is painfully difficult.

    I know ppl who own expensive DSLRs and never take it off of AUTO. I don’t get it.


    I know this sounds crazy but doing self portraits isn’t really difficult for me, it’s been kinda fun. I guess it helps that I’m not one of those people on a constant trip of self discovery and I’m sure I’ll be bitching like a sailor come mid month but right now I’m having fun.


    so cool, love the first one.

    Incredible photos!! I especially love that 3rd one…stunning colours!

    That jellyfish photo is just too cool.

    Totally incredible pictures ~ but the Jellyfish ~ just WOW!! :D

    I’m lost for words with that jelly fish – it looks so beautiful. Ashley I’m joining you today in the challenge :) Rosie

    great photo’s as usual Ashley – of course like everyone I love the jelly fish too!!

    I LOVE that jelly fish shot! The contrast of colors is incredible. I want to go to the aquarium now, too!

    I just knew you would have more great shots from your aquarium trip (I figured it out from the jellyfish picture you posted a couple of weeks ago, that was awesome!)
    I love the clarity and the vibrant colors. I tried getting good ones from my aquarium trip but, the lighting was just too poor and then I got many “glassy” shots and then there were the flares from the flash reflecting on the glass. So basically, what I’m saying is that it is pretty hard and you did a wonderful job.

    I LOVE the jelly fish picture! I actually have a few just like it from when we were at the aquarium in California!