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Introducting...Mama Heart's Photo Challenge!!! - Ramblings and Photos

August 04, 2010
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Introducting…Mama Heart’s Photo Challenge!!!
So today…I mean tonight, I ran across a new friend – Mama and Dudes. Turns out, that she’s got a new photo challenge, and this is the first week (apparently this will be a Wednesday start challenge that runs through Tuesday night)! Because she seems to be as addicted to photo challenges as I am, I thought I’d join and give her a little shout out! 

The challenge this week is FEET! You guys have seen this photo once before. These are my feet taken during our summer vacation at the beach. I never would have guessed that I would share this photo once and now I’m sharing it twice. I just think the processing is so cool…it looks like I’m covered in plastic.
IMG_4336 blog
With that said, go check out Mandey’s blog and enter your favorite “feet” shot.

PS: If I’m a little slow returning your comments and visiting your blogs…remember that I’m with clients this week so my time is a little off. I can’t ‘wait to get back to normalcy.

    Thank you and thanks for posting about her blog and photo challege. I’d never heard of her blog before. I swear I get half my info from your blog!


    ah great, now I will have something else to enter! Well now I have one for hers and BW Wednesday = ) Great photo, I hate my feet, and will never post them ha

    Thanks! I can always count on you to turn me onto a great new challenge. So fun!

    I used my image for the second time too!! :)

    Thanks Ashley! I love this pic! I hate my feet with no shoes on though LOL. My toes are chubby, is that weird?

    This photo is great Ashley. The way the water sparkles plus the details in the sand makes me feel like I can reach out and touch the water. I love it!

    Love your photo. Thanks for the link to this challenge. I actually entered, lol.

    very cool

    You have pretty feet and toes. I like my feet, but I hate my toes, so um, no you won’t see any pic of my feet anywhere on my blog. Heh. :)

    Hi Ashley,

    LOVE that feet shot! Really does have the feeling of plastic over it. Oh and love the color of your toenail polish, too fun. :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog a while back… sorry I’m so slow at getting back to you. Life is just hectic lately!

    So happy to visit your blog though. I’ll definitely be following.


    I would really like to have your feet. My hairy hobbit feet are even covered at the beach, they make children cry!

    Ahh, love it! There’s nothing like having your feet in the sand.

    awesome shot and I love photo contests/blog hops!

    Love that shot. Having your feet in the sand, and the sea. Awesome!

    Thanks for checking out my Blog, and joining as a follower

    Oo, the posting feet thing is a cool idea. Your toe polish is adorable!

    Haha, Ashley, next time for sure! This trip was such a short one, and Joshua’s social calendar was already booked… :) But I’d love to get together with you ladies the next time we’re in NC for more than a weekend!

    And I love this shot. You captured some really cool light! And it totally makes me feel the water and sand between my toes. :)

    Love the painted toes in the sand as the water rushes over them. Nice!

    i love feet. especially little baby piggies!

    Great feet! And yes, the sand does look kind of odd! :D I joined in too ~ thanks to your day-by-day photo challenge page ~ now I have somewhere to visit every day if I choose too!! :D

    uhh I love you nail polish so cute!
    love your entry…♥