Kitty Paw…in Color AND Black & White
As you may or may not realize, today was a busy day for me and I’m still catching up on my blog visits. I’m also catching up on my photography challenges. In an effort to get the most bang for my photo, I’m going to share one image for multiple memes.

First up, I was trying to take a picture of Kitty Paw the other night. Every time I got near her with the camera, she turned her head. The lighting wasn’t great (as you can tell), but I was able to get something.
Kitty Paw Green Eyes SOOC
I thought this shot would be perfect for this week’s RAW(e) theme, which is: green. Kitty Paw’s eyes are green. By the way, I won last week’s RAW(e) challenge
I then thought, I might use this picture for Touch-up Tuesday. After bringing this photo into Adobe Camera Raw, I needed to correct the exposure. When I corrected the exposure, I was left with a lot of noise.
Kitty Paw Green Eyes Noise
I could have left the noise and moved straight into a black and white conversion. I chose to run the photo through noiseware. I currently use this free community-ware program. It runs pretty well, so check it out.
Kitty Paw Green Eyes FIL-RS
Once I got rid of the noise, I was able to run a clean edit using Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean action and Morgan Kevin’s EyeLove action. Now this…this is my Kitty Paw and this her signature look (It’s a Beautiful Life – “Signature Look”). It says, “are you still here?” She is my favorite (I would pull together a collage of favorite things, but I’m just too tired).
Shutter Love Tuesdays Button
Kitty Paw Green Eyes BW-RS
Finally, I converted the photo to black and white using Nelly Nero’s Aint Life a Peach action. For more black and white photos, go to:
the long road
And for more Touch-Up Tuesday and Sweet Shot Tuesday entries, go to: 
Sweet Shot Day
Have a great night! More tomorrow.

    Well, well, well. Aint you a peach? Get it? BWAH HA HA HA! OK, that was bad.

    TOTALLY loving your color edit of Kitty Paw, and the b&w is awesome too! Can’t remember if I told you I downloaded that noiseware program you recommended (oh yeah, I think you helped me with it)…and it’s AWESOME! Thanks for your edit – i love it!

    Amazing from where you started with that photo!!! I would’ve deleted it! And you made it fantastic! And great job multi-tasking with one photo for so many challenges!

    ooh. love your conversion.

    I love the black and white!

    Wow Great job! Thanks for sharing the Noise Ware. I find I sometimes end up with a lot of noise. Great multi-tasking by the way. Hope you get some rest.

    Love love love Kitty Paw, in all variations!

    Great save on that photo! You made it look wonderful! Congrats on winning raw(e) last week.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you! I only have clients from 10 to 5 and actually have a lunch break as compared to 9 to 8 with no breaks today! Maybe tomorrow will be a little slower for both of us! :-)

    I always enjoy seeing photos of kitty paw, love them!

    WOw…the noise ware was impressive. I’ll have to go check that out!!

    Gorgeous kitty!!

    Thanks for the noise ware.. and what great edit.. and I like the first pic a lot.. I would have edited, maybe in a different way.. but that is a diamond in the rough. Great eye you have to know that.

    Great edits on the shot. I am impressed with your multi-tasking on the challenges :D That takes SKILL girl – hee hee :D

    Hahaha! Not that’s some serious blog hopping! ;-)

    Love the one after you cleaned up the noise. Wow, what a difference it made. I’m going to check out that free site next. Thanks for sharing.

    And ya gotta love little kitty noses! Cute shot!

    Thanks for sharing the link for getting rid of the noise. I’m definitely gonna check it out. I love that it didn’t reduce the quality/clarity of the image. I think my favorite’s the black and white shot!

    Before I go, can I ask a probably really dumb question? What is “Nelly Nero’s Aint Life a Peach action”? I’ve googled it and everything but I’m still getting nowhere. I’m so new at everything to do with photography and I don’t even know what you mean by “action.”

    The third edit really makes the eyes super green! I LOVE IT!

    I think cats have a way of knowing when you’re JUST about to take a photo. Blinks, blurs, averted eyes. Ah, well. I especially love the third to last shot.

    Great job! I’ll definitely have to check out the noiseware download, thanks for sharing! :)

    wow, the final (colour) edit is wonderful…love this post because it has lots of things i’ve been needing to know…i found animals don’t seem to like cameras stuck in their faces…my dog turns away every time i start clicking. i am impressed by the noiseware…and i’ve heard of it but didn’t realize it’s a download…thought you had to upload like picnik. using a p&s some of the photos are too dark sometimes and when i start playing with them the noise is the problem. also cropping can be a pita. for the record i read in a pse book that if you crop a photo 10% you don’t lose the pixel thingys (i’m not a photo techno i’m afraid) so just keep cropping 10% till you get where you want. i tried raw but it seems you need to download i stopping that line of thought. i just quit all the meme’s this month…and might not go back to them…i enjoy them…but the commenting back and forth feels a little empty at times…so i’ve started using flickr more for feedback.

    I like your diamond in the rough as another person put it and seeing it shine after your were done! Kitty Paw is a beautiful subject.

    I like the 3rd image the best. I can see that I need to learn how to do Photoshop actions!

    Thanks for the link to the noiseware… I so need this!

    Her green eyes are so beautiful! Great edit!

    And congrats on winning RAW(e)!

    Congrats on your win! Definitely deserved.

    Beautiful edits on kitty. You make my head spin with all of the challenges you are in! You’re like super-blogtog! ^_^ It still weirds me out a little when I see people others from all over the country mention AMP actions – she’s a local photog where I live. {Go Amy!} ^_^

    Beautiful pics Ashley! Congrats on your win. You really deserve it. Love your kitty in the b&w one. It’s the epitome of black & white.

    I love photos of cats:)

    What a pretty baby! LOVE the 2nd photo.

    oh now i want a kitty cat. love the black and white. congrats on your win!

    I LOVE all the edits, such beautiful pictures. Thanks for the link, I will have to look into the noiseware software.

    Kitty has beautiful eyes! :D

    I love the last colour edit. The B&W is nice too, but I miss her eyes!

    She’s adorable! I love the little spot on her nose!
    I need to work on my editing, I usually don’t do anything to my photos, but the difference between your original and the final product is fantastic!

    I LOVE Kitty Paw in black and white —- that is an amazing photo. Nice work. :)

    I love that kitty of yours! Great black and whites and I love your arts and crafts pics!
    Have a great Wednesday!

    you made me laugh this morning Ashley
    I thought my cat’s were the only ones – the minute I point my camera at them they turn their heads, at first I thought no way I am imaging it but it’s true!!!
    My favorite was the black & white photo!! Kitty paw is beautiful too!

    Fabulous pictures and I just love the way the black and white turned out! I’m always trying to take pictures of my black and white dogs and can never quite get the right shot.

    You’re brilliant!!

    I’m blown away that you can take an image that is so imperfect and edit it into stardom. This is spectacular!

    What a beautiful cat! Love the edits!

    way to kill many birds with one stone…great edits!

    Me oh my that’s a cutie pie!!

    I love how no so great exposures are salvageable nowadays! I love your kitty too!

    Love your kitty! So beautiful reminds me of a mixture between my Micah and Vester

    i like how that peach action on the kitty turned out!

    kitty is cute. i love what you were able to bring out of the original photo.

    That’s great! Thanks so much for sharing the step-by-step of that! Your SOOC shot looks like so many of the ones I’ve taken of my cats, so it’s helpful to see how you managed to save the picture. I always thought they were a lost cause!

    Love the edits!!! Great work!

    I love Kitty Paw!! Great pictures!

    Your Cat is so cute! Great picture and I loved hearing about how you edited it! The finished products look awesome!

    Wow. You’re truly amazing at salvaging photographs. I NEVER would have suspected the SOOC was so underexposed from your final color edit. Love the conversion, also!

    well I’m back and now you follow more than zillion blogs?! I’m not gonna ask you how.. probably makes me more dizzy. :p I like the 3rd & 4th of kitty, nice touch up. do you use lightroom? (sorry if that was already up there in comment).

    thank you for commenting on my photo.
    ..gina (& the sleepy lorki). =D

    These are all great. Each has it’s own mood.

    Awww, what a sweet kitty! Great “green” entry AND I LOVE your edits…fabulous as always!!!