Kitty Paw…in Color AND Black & White
As you may or may not realize, today was a busy day for me and I’m still catching up on my blog visits. I’m also catching up on my photography challenges. In an effort to get the most bang for my photo, I’m going to share one image for multiple memes.

First up, I was trying to take a picture of Kitty Paw the other night. Every time I got near her with the camera, she turned her head. The lighting wasn’t great (as you can tell), but I was able to get something.
Kitty Paw Green Eyes SOOC
I thought this shot would be perfect for this week’s RAW(e) theme, which is: green. Kitty Paw’s eyes are green. By the way, I won last week’s RAW(e) challenge
I then thought, I might use this picture for Touch-up Tuesday. After bringing this photo into Adobe Camera Raw, I needed to correct the exposure. When I corrected the exposure, I was left with a lot of noise.
Kitty Paw Green Eyes Noise
I could have left the noise and moved straight into a black and white conversion. I chose to run the photo through noiseware. I currently use this free community-ware program. It runs pretty well, so check it out.
Kitty Paw Green Eyes FIL-RS
Once I got rid of the noise, I was able to run a clean edit using Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean action and Morgan Kevin’s EyeLove action. Now this…this is my Kitty Paw and this her signature look (It’s a Beautiful Life – “Signature Look”). It says, “are you still here?” She is my favorite (I would pull together a collage of favorite things, but I’m just too tired).
Shutter Love Tuesdays Button
Kitty Paw Green Eyes BW-RS
Finally, I converted the photo to black and white using Nelly Nero’s Aint Life a Peach action. For more black and white photos, go to:
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And for more Touch-Up Tuesday and Sweet Shot Tuesday entries, go to: 
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Have a great night! More tomorrow.