Lions…Tigers…and Bears…OH MY!
So I lied…there are no lions, tigers or bears in this post. But, there is as…

IMG_3355 blog bw
IMG_3241 blog
panther (I think that’s what this is although it could be a lioness),
IMG_3186 bw blog
IMG_3287 blog
IMG_3400 bw blog
and ostrich butt!
IMG_3403 blog
I just needed a good excuse to share some more of my photos from the zoo (that I promised I would share weeks ago). I also thought that considering this week’s In a Yellow House theme is “The Animal Kingdom,” that I could really pimp out all of my animal photos (and further increase your chances of submitting one of your photos into this week’s challenge). 
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge
 Furthermore, I love the black and white conversions on the gorilla, panther and elephant…and I wanted to share them for this week’s Black and White Wednesday. So, for more black and white photos (and if you see this message and I haven’t linked up yet, could you link up for me?), click here: 
the long road
Have a great Wednesday! I’m flying home on the redeye tonight, so please pray for a safe flight home.

    I love all the photos, but I think that the elephant stands out the most for me. I really like how your photo captures its cracked, wrinkly skin, and how that contrasts with the foliage in the background. Just beautiful!

    Safe flight home!
    Love all your photos —- I think my fave is the Elephant. Very well done…..


    The elephant is fantastic, but I think my favorite is the flamingo. Have a safe trip!

    Ashley these are wonderful shots – my favourite has to be the flamingo with that wonderful colour. May you have journeying mercies as you travel. :) Rosie

    The ostrich butt cracks me up! I love your B&W conversions as well.

    Love the elephant photo and the flamingo is pretty. Have a safe trip!

    Ostrich butt…. LOL! These are great!

    We just went to the zoo on Sunday and most of the animals are either sleeping or too far away to get great shots. Love yours! :O)

    The elephant and flamingo are amazing… but the ostrich butt is hilarious!! XD

    Is that from the NC Zoo in Asheville? I love that place.

    I don’t like to pay to see animals in captivity, but the NC Zoo does a great job at recreating the animals’ natural habitats and giving them sufficient space.

    Lovin’ the elephant and the flamingo. Great pics this week!

    awesome photos! the tiger is the best one<3

    Oh, the elephant…SO amazing! B/W perfection :D

    Oh I love the elephant image! Great shots

    the elephant IS amazing… i so {heart} her! :)

    LOVE the panther…it’s like he is on the hunt :O

    I love going to the zoo!! Awesome pictures!

    I love the pictures, My favorite is the Gorilla but that is because they are my favorite animals. I think the picture of the cat is a Mountain Lion. It is also really cool it looks like it is hunting something!

    i’m not big on animal photos….but these are great, i was thinking yesterday how our skin starts to look a little like an elephants as we age…yeh i know terrible thought! real life can be brutal!

    Oh my goodness! These pictures are awesome!

    Beautiful! I love all the animal shots. Such amazing creatures!

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    Sooo cool – I love these shots! My faves are the panther with its tongue hanging out – HA!, the flamingo is complete awesomeness, and somthing about that elephant…when I saw it, I was like WOA. He looked very majestic or powerful or something… Really cool shots! Safe travels my friend! :-)

    Beautiful shots. I love the texture of the b/w photos.

    Beautiful pictures. I LOVE the flamingo!

    Wow, I just love your photos!!!

    These are great! I love all of them but I really like the elephant and gorilla. Have a great flight.

    Just dropped by to say “Hi”
    It has been a busy half week and I’m playing catch up reading my favorite blogs.
    I love the panther/lioness shot and all of the others are just super.
    Have a safe flight.

    I love all of your animal photos!!!!! Praying for a safe flight!

    What lens are you shooting with your pictures are so sharp and amazing!

    WOW! the black and white of the elephant and gorilla ROCK! like a NAtional Geographic shot! WEll done

    Elephants ~ I simply love them! But all your images are stunning as always!