Lions…Tigers…and Bears…OH MY!
So I lied…there are no lions, tigers or bears in this post. But, there is as…

IMG_3355 blog bw
IMG_3241 blog
panther (I think that’s what this is although it could be a lioness),
IMG_3186 bw blog
IMG_3287 blog
IMG_3400 bw blog
and ostrich butt!
IMG_3403 blog
I just needed a good excuse to share some more of my photos from the zoo (that I promised I would share weeks ago). I also thought that considering this week’s In a Yellow House theme is “The Animal Kingdom,” that I could really pimp out all of my animal photos (and further increase your chances of submitting one of your photos into this week’s challenge). 
In a Yellow House Photo Challenge
 Furthermore, I love the black and white conversions on the gorilla, panther and elephant…and I wanted to share them for this week’s Black and White Wednesday. So, for more black and white photos (and if you see this message and I haven’t linked up yet, could you link up for me?), click here: 
the long road
Have a great Wednesday! I’m flying home on the redeye tonight, so please pray for a safe flight home.