August 07, 2010
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Looking for Hearts in the Clouds
One of the items on the August 2010 Photo Hunt is “heart-shaped clouds.” I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this item for a few days now because I am pretty horrible when it comes to identifying shapes in the clouds…even if I have a huge appreciation for the skyline. 
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Nonetheless, this item is important and I thought I’d share the reason (written from a  regular follower and support of the Photo Hunt – excerpt from the Photo Hunt’s website): 
“One of the families at my daughter’s school recently lost their son (Vincent) to Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer on June 9.  He was 7.  They had also lost their daughter (Annabella) a few years ago to Leigh’s Disease which is a mitochondrial disorder, she was 6 months old.  I have been following their story since hearing about Vincent’s battle.  I was hoping that maybe you can include 2 items in the photo hunt challenge – butterflies and heart shaped clouds in their remembrance.
The reason being, after Annabella passed away, they started seeing butterflies everywhere.  They constantly had butterflies at their door and around them when they were out and about.  The family said that Annabella was sending them butterflies to let them know that she was there and Vincent loved that.  Before Vincent passed, his mother asked him what things he would send when he went to heaven and Vincent said, heart shaped clouds.  At the time, his mother couldn’t remember ever seeing a heart shaped cloud, and after he passed away, she was sitting with their daughter, Sofi, and was telling her that Vincent went to heaven, and Sofi looked out the window and saw a heart shaped cloud.  Since then, she sees them pretty regularly.”
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I’m not sure that any of these clouds contain hearts, but I do enjoy the practice of photographing the sky while I’m up in the air. I don’t always think about pulling out my camera while I’m driving (that, and it’s really not safe), but when I’m in the air, I can completely put my mind at ease.
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These particular clouds were taken somewhere between Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Sacramento, California (probably closer to NC).
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So, have you seen hearts in the clouds? If so…I want to see it! Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the view and have a great day!

Skywatch Friday

    wow, that is a hard one! I can kind of see a heart in the third picture it is a large blurry area in the shape of a heart! That is a really sad but neat story. When my friends brother died there was a young buck that showed up in their yard and was there for a few days, it would stand in the yard and look at them through the window, one time it sat down beneath her brothers old bedroom window. It was as though he was there making sure everyone was O.K. and then after a few days it was gone! So I totally believe that the butterflies are a little gift!

    Love your blog and your pictures are absolutely amazing. I’m dabbling in photography right now and trying to get the hang out of my new camera.

    Following you know!


    I see an upside down heart in the second pic. :)

    I’ve put my 5yo up to the task. He loves (LOVES) to find shapes in the clouds. I saw one today, but by the time I bent down to my diaper bag to grab the point and shoot, it was not at all a heart anymore.

    These are stunning photos! I love sky pictures and will often stop the car to take some (and have been known to snap a quick one through the windshield on occasion, but please don’t tell my son!)

    Thanks for sharing this, now finding the heart in the clouds has taken on a real meaning.

    Will try my best to keep looking.

    The story is so touching. I don’t see the hearts, but I do see a butterfly shape in the third photo.

    These just look so peaceful. Really nice….

    These shots are gorgeous.

    I’m going to look up more often too. Beautiful post and photos.

    A friend shot a heart shaped cloud on the way to my wedding! :o)

    Really sorry to read their story.
    I am going to follow the cloud patterns more.

    Hi, Ashley! How are you? Thanks for dropping by! These are pretty pics! Hope you’re having a super fun weekend!


    Thanks for sharing that story–my heart goes out to that family. It gave me the chills while reading it because I have a similar situation.

    After my mother died in 1994 I started seeing ladybugs around, especially at difficult or special times in my life when I was wishing she was there. So now whenever I see a ladybug I usually say “hi mom” and it makes me SMILE.

    how sweet.
    and what beautiful clouds.
    i’m sure if my girls looked….they could find a heart right away. they are much better at it than i.

    I haven’t found any… yet.

    Your pictures are nice. Have you found one that you love yet? I bet it will take me the entire month of August to find one.

    What a beautiful story of never ending love and strength. So touching, I’m trying not to cry. The photos were nice but the story…….well it is what it is. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing,

    so relaxing images and a touching story.

    I think your cloud pictures are very peaceful, even if I didn’t see any hearts. I loved the story behind the pictures.

    I am not seeing any hearts, but the photos look fabulous!

    Beautiful cloud pictures!

    I probably don’t see them because I don’t look at the sky often enough.

    Lovely cloud pics! I see a heart in the last one!

    Love the pics! How do you avoid capturing the windows when you take these?

    oh my goodness. I could not imagine the sorrow of loosing two children. But how amazing that they see those signs! I’ll be on the lookout for heart shaped clouds now!

    What a heartbreaking story…so tragic.

    I’ve never thought to take pictures from the air. Very serene.

    Thank you for the tip on my blog about PSE. I’m headed over to your “Inspiration” tab now :-)