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Macro Friday - Ramblings and Photos

August 27, 2010
Categories: Macro, Macro Friday
Macro Friday
Our company asked all employees to go through a wellness test this morning. In preparation for this “test,” I was asked to fast for eight hours prior to the assessment. Unfortunately, this means that I was NOT able to have my morning dose of Cinnamon Toast crunch…as far as I’m concerned, that’s just not right!
CTC Macro RS
Update: My results were pretty awesome. I was even told I need to eat more FAT! So, I ate a big ol’ cinnamon bagel. Yum!


    WHAT!!!??? That’s crazy! Hope you are bringing some along to have after they’re done!

    I also meant to say great shot! They look soooo tasty…

    Looks yummy and quite a shame about missing them this morning. Hope you get something just as tasty after your test :)

    Yummm! These food macros make me HUNGRY!
    Great shot. I love the little bokeh on the cereal in the background. Who knew CEREAL could be beautiful?! :)

    That was a treat in my house growing up. :O)

    What a great cereal to shoot in Macro! Awesome lady!

    I love that the focus is on that one little square of crunch. Well, at least you got some cinnamon in your belly this morning!

    I’ve never tried it… but it looks awesome. :D

    Yay for good results! :)

    i love food macro shots! yes i need to eat more fat too because i’m breastfeeding and my baby is eating it all up!

    I love the sparkle! Beautiful!

    yum yum! A pregnant woman shouldn’t look at food all day, but I just might! Great picture!

    Gorgeous pic! They look so yummy!! So sad you missed them this morning but yay for such positive results!! =D

    lol That’s funny! That is some good cereal!

    I have actually never tried that cereal before… but that photograph makes me think I should! That is as pretty as cereal can get! :)

    Yummy! Great capture with that shot of yours.. So glad to hear that you need to eat more ( ha).. So jealous of your talent and your metabolism. LOL

    All I can say is.. YUM!!! :c)

    You make food look even better! I love this shot, and my hubby– who is cereal obssesd– would love to have this hanging in our kitchen!!!

    I must go get me a bowl of cereal now ;0)

    Great macro shot!!
    Oh, I love anything with cinnamon, this one looks so tempting :)

    I’m glad your testing went well! I adore your macro shot – looks delicious :)

    Oh, I was out around town yesterday, and totally I saw your twin. I swore it was you at first, but I know you don’t live in Oklahoma ;) I should have snapped a picture…but really. I’ve never seen two people that look SO similar to each other!

    What kinda wellness test is that, for cryin’ out loud!!?…I’ll bet most folks would’a felt more ‘well’ with a belly fulla good stuff. Seems like the only conclusion they’d come to is that their employees are fit enough…but hungry ;D

    Awesome macro…looks delish!

    Okay, well first of all, the shot is great! Second of all, I am quite sure my wellness test would not say that I need more fat, so KUDOS to you!!

    This picture looks so cinnamony! Love how you captured the cinnamon flakes.

    Those look so yummy ! The sugar on the pieces making the bokeh in the background portion is awesome! And congrats on the good results!

    I LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch! We are TOO much alike! :) Yum — I have to stop by and bring you some cinnamon rolls! You would love them and I know you don’t cook, so I will right over! :)

    Still looking for butterfies! :)


    Yum, yum! Congrats on the great results too;-). xx

    lol, so after I saw this shot this morning, I went out and bought a box just because you made them look so good! Congrats on your wonderful results too!

    owwwwwwwwww……………awwwwwww….yum yum great shot for this morning Ashley!!

    well done on your test results and lovely shot, is this a typical american breakfast? I will see if we have it here now it looks so good!

    Love this photo. I want some… And, I want to be told to eat more fat.

    i am addicted to my morning cereal too!

    Yummy! That looks good. Way to go on the test!

    WOW – this is SO beautiful!!!

    I LOVE cinnamon toast crunch! And how do I get some results that say I need more fat?? Nice job!

    Great shot! Who knew Cinnamon Toast Crunch could be so cool! :)

    I’m hungry now for some cinnamon toast crunch minus the milk! Yum…

    Awesome shot–love Cinnamon toast crunch! :)

    LOL, I’ve gone all day without checking out your blog…for shame :O

    Love the shot of your favorite cereal! You can really see the cinnamon & sugar :D

    Great shot!!

    Way to go on the great test results! I wish someone would tell me to eat more fat! :-)

    Cinnamon toast crunch…never tried it but his photo kinda makes me want to try…look at those flecks of cinnamon! Yummmmm…

    Girl, only you could make cereal look beautiful. Did I just go an ENTIRE day without hearing from you? Ahem????

    Yeah, I need to eat more fat too.

    cough cough

    I could tear a bowl of that up right about now. YUMMO. I love the way the shot turned out.

    I’m thinking that would be a great late night snack. I have to watch my fat intake…so not fun! Glad your tests found you healthy!

    OMG my fav. cereal in the world and the detail is amazing in this photo. sorry to comment so late Ive been busy all day but i try to comment when Ive seen u updated or commented me :-) have a good weekend!

    Great macro and it looks yummy. Now I am hungry, all the sudden.

    That looks really yummie…

    Oh yummy! I haven’t had breakfast yet, and this makes me soooooo hungry! I adore macro photos of simple, everyday things. Beautiful shot Ashley. I can’t imagine being told I need to eat more fat, or anything for that matter! ♥

    This is a GREAT shot!! LOVE it!!

    So glad your keeping your hair and nails shiny!! ;D

    Yum, those look awesome.

    Mmmm…that looks good! And how cool they told you to eat more fat! …hello yummy food?! lol

    I just about died when I saw this picture. It is beautiful! haha just cereal, but amazing how the cinnamon and sugar crystals sparkle.
    I agree it is a sad sad day when breakfast is skipped!

    Amazing detail on this shot! :)

    I’m not sure if I could last that long without eating, LOL!

    Mmm, this looks delicious!

    these are just yummy! :)