Macro Friday and a Giveaway!
Last week, Teresa from Sucre Lulu contacted me asking if I might be interested in checking out  some of her accessories. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I don’t typically do product reviews unless it’s a product I’ve paid for and used personally. Nonetheless, I agreed and she sent me two hair clips and one large hair clip/pin – within a few days, I received a package. 

To be perfectly honest, although my hair is long, I’m just now getting used to the idea of using accessories in my hair (headbands, clips, etc), so I spent a few days staring at the clips. Then, two nights ago, I decided these clips would be perfect for Macro Friday….then, yesterday, I decided that if I was really going to “check out” these hair clips that I needed to wear one. I proceeded by getting extra cute for work and taking a couple of shots in the mirror.
Selfie 081210 RS
Please ignore the spots on the mirror…and my lack of focus.
Selfie Polaroid
I thought it might be fun to try another shot “Polaroid” style. Sure, I don’t actually have a Polaroid, but I do have POLADROID. Poladroid is a free widget that you can download to your computer to recreate polaroid images. All you have to do is drag and drop…the application does the work for you. Do you still like to shake your polaroids? Well, it allows you to do that too. Okay, back to the subject at hand…
Feather Flower Macro RS
I absolutely love this hair clip…and I love that I could wear it as a pin on a jacket too. It’s pretty great. And, as much as I’d love to keep all three clips, I think that’s kinda greedy and I like to share…so I’ve decided to give away the other two in celebration of reaching 400 followers. 

Purple Hair Clip Macro RS
I will be giving away this one (purple) as well as an orange one (top right in the photo below- I’ve still got to take a good photo of it) to two lucky friends. These clips are a bit smaller than the one I’m wearing above so they would be perfect for kids or adults.

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk    PhotoStory Friday

I’ll keep the rules simple because I want to make life easy on you and me. I’ll pick two winners on Friday, August 20th.
  1. Follow me if you haven’t already (but only if you are really interested in my blog – I won’t be pimping out this give away all over the place).
  2. Go check out Teresa’s website or blog (because I think she’s got cute stuff at reasonable prices).
  3. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of Teresa’s work and/or why you’d be excited to win.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

    I follow!

    Great detail on the clips! :)

    Well you look lovely and it is so nice to see you from behind the camera, twice in one week – yey, I’m very excited about that!

    I just got my hair coloured (as I said I was in my hair flicking post) and even took a photo of me after it had been blow dried and was going to post it today – is that fate or coincidence? – na na na na (twigh light music)!

    Great macro shot! Those clips do make a perfect macro subject – they’re lovely! Perfect focus/clarity, nice composition, vibrant color… wonderful photos, as usual! :)

    LOVE the clips! And, I have to check out that Poladroid. Too cool.

    P.S. I’m following now!

    I have to say, I actually LOVE THE blurred pic! It’s gorgeous!

    I love following your blog! You cease to amaze me with your talent! You truly inspire me to take more pictures! Love the blurred pic too! :)

    I already follow your blog :) Those clips are so much fun! I think they are so cute, and would look cute on my daughter once she has a little more hair :)

    Love the Poladroid photo. Your self portaits are always grate, well the ones I have seen anyways.

    cute! love the pretty vintagey looking hair clips an di think they look great on you. lovely photos!

    i have been playing with that poladroid this week too…lovin’ it! : )

    Very pretty! The clip is soo pretty. I love all of these but I think the “polaroid” shot is my fav. Have a wonderful weekend girlie.

    PS I follow ;)

    Great as always, I have a quastion, how do you do that you have your photos so large on the page, I tried few things and I’ve still no clue,
    there is something about that size photos that I really like

    Love these. I think they are extremely fun and creative. Very beautiful!

    Great photos. Love the clips they are so pretty. I like the blurred photo also. I love her clips and I follow your blog because I love it. :D

    I follow! I am a new follower!

    I follow you already! :D

    You’re right! Teresa’s stuff IS cute! That onesie she made is so adorable. :D

    My girlie is into hair bows and accessories, and I know she would love a new one. :)

    I follow! :) Her stuff is so cute! I don’t have a little girl, but I would love a set of these to use myself or to use as props for some of my photos. :) Beautiful Macro shots!

    First off, I love your macro shot……

    Secondly, I went to Teresa’s website, and her clips are amazing….. I love the intricate detailing…..gorgeous. She’s quite talented!

    And well, I’d be excited to win because I have two girls, and long hair myself! :)

    and I already follow you girlie!

    I follow! :) I LOVE all these shots…those selfs are so pretty!

    I’m a follower…

    Love the hair clips! The one you have in your hair looks great. After looking at Teresa’s website, I can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into her beautiful work. My daughter would adore one of those clips. :-)

    Your macro shot is excellent!

    These macro shots are great. They really bring out the beauty of the accessories. There’s something about that first shot that I just love!

    Hi Ashley! I am somewhat new to your blog and I LOVE seeing things through your lens! You have an amazing talent :-)

    I am a fellow-NC girl and I am BRAND NEW to photography. I purchased a DSLR on a whim and fell in love with taking pictures. I might be a photographer when I grow up…if I ever grow up!

    LOVE the hair accessories. I have SUPER SHORT hair and those clips are SO DARNED CUTE in my hair! I will head over to Theresa’s site now to check out her other inventory!


    You’re right! The clips do make perfect Macro Friday shots! I’d enter to win a clip but I’m not much of an accessorizor (did I spell that right?).

    Forget the waterspots (I didn’t even notice them!), that first picture is absolutely gorgeous. Very vintage feeling and yet modern. I am going to check out that POLAROID application as well. I love following your blog because you give me such great ideas!

    Off to check out Teresa’s sites! I have crazy curly hair that I straighten so I need all the hair accessory help that I can get :)

    Have a beautiful day, and thank you Ashley for all the feedback on my photos.

    love those macro shots!

    Very cute hair clips!
    Lovely self-portraits as well.

    Great shots, and cute clips! I’ve seen these a lot lately, but I have yet to wear any cute accessories in my hair!

    Well of course I follow you! Just wanted to say the clip looks great in your hair and thanks for the compliment on my dining room table. I love it too!

    I follow! AND even though I don’t have hair – I have fake hair (for now) and I LOVE purple! Beautiful creations — hair clips are so much fun and you captured them so well – who would NOT want them! :)

    Happy Friday — busy day for me – photos at Schuyler’s soccer camp came out so fun today – can’t wait to share, hope they fit a theme soon! :)


    I’m an official follower now!
    I just check out Teresa’s blog and website and her stuff is super cute. I’m liking her tanks for little girls and I’ll probablyhave to go back for some shopping! =)

    Amazing shots! And you look lovely. I have long hair, too, and I still am not used to putting pretty clips in my hair, even though whenever I see them in the stores and etsy and such I always drool. That hairclip is gorgeous.

    I love the photo with the bird cages – inspired!

    xo Erin

    I love the macro shots. I seriously need a better camera because I’d love to be able to do macro shots like that. Mine SUCK.

    What beautiful flowers. I love how she layers her blossoms. VERY pretty!

    I’m a very recent follower, I think I just put you in my reader yesterday :) I love your site, your photos.
    I love her work.
    And I’d be excited to win because I need all the help I can to actually look at my reflection in the mirror – and a pretty little thing would probably help :)

    love the clips, they are so cute! heard and seen lots of photos using poladroid but never looked into it. i checked out teresa’s blog and her stuff are super cute, i am not big into hair accessories too but these are just neat and i’d be excited to try these on coz they’re super cute and lots of love and work put into making them =)

    The pseudo-polaroid is so much fun! I would love to win this because, as much as I am not girly… it is obvious that my little Bean loves to be. She would be one stylin’ little thing.

    Your blog is one of my favorites! The hair clips are beautiful. My younger daughter looks so cute in “vintage” pieces and I think this would be perfect in her curly hair!

    I follow your blog – cause I like it! : ) {A lot}

    I love this type of hair clip – and these are some of the cutest! I have 2 little girls to take photos of and I am always looking for new props : )

    Those clips are so unique..such vintage goodness, they are seriously amazing!
    You sure photographed them and wear them well too!

    Those are so cute. I’m always looking for cute things for my hair.
    Your blog has really taken off… congrats!

    Ok so I thought the spots were on my computer screen! I think the focus issues only add creativity! Great pictures~ These do look like cute clips.

    Love them, esp the Polaroid! your hair looks awesome!

    I follow your blog….and let me tell you I love the shots of the hair clips……they are so unique and different…and I think you look fab with them…

    HA HA! These are cute! Ashley! You’re so cute!

    So pretty!
    I love all her hair accessories on her site!
    Hair clip looks good!

    Macro shot envy, as always. When will I stop whining and buy myself a lens? ha… Great shots! Love the deep purple. The detail. The POV…

    Well done.

    The writing. Hmmm I haven’t done any fiction in quite some time and I don’t think I nailed that meme, but hey at least I got back into it. I’m more of a poetry kinda girl. :)

    So pretty – love the purple one and several of her colorful ones….and very nice shots. I’m a follower!

    Okay first of all, the close up shots of those clips are gorgeous!! I LOVE them. I want them. I would be excited to win because I would wear them all the time. I love the vintage feel to them. And I, like you, have sort of just recently jumped on the hair accessory bandwagon! I need to spruce up my collection, and these would be a perfect addition! :-)

    So cute! Would love these for myself or even for my daughter!

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen Poladroid – I must get it immediately. I think I’d wear the hair clips as pins – a little Carrie Bradshaw does a girl good every now and then! Nice shots!

    Haha, I love that you said you’re not pimping out your blog for the giveaway – awesome.

    Ahh, I love the song that’s playing on Teresa’s website!

    You know I’m a follower!

    Um, o-m-g. beautiful clips. I looove the purple one. I would love to win this. It would great to wear to work since my outfits are usually plain- this would definitely spice them up and make them cute! thanks for the opportunity <3

    OH! AND OF COURSE-Congrats on 400 subs! Wow!

    Love how she uses all sorts of colors and TEXTURES in her pieces. Beautiful work! :O)

    estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

    I think you look BEAUTIFUL with that hair pin…there’s something so glamorous about them!

    Your beautiful Ashley! I love the vintage feel of this photo…you know I love you! and loving tho bling!

    I love these clips! Awesome! My fav is the white one with the red center. They are all very cool though.

    I really love the purple clip! It’s so pretty and definitely something I would wear!

    Happy first giveaway! Those clips are awesome! I could totally picture doing a vintage shoot with those! I’m loving all of the pictures you’re posting of yourself gorgeous lady!!!

    very creative!

    I love the purple clip, they are all super cute, you know I follow, and of course all the photos look awesome!

    I really like the orange clip; I think it would look great in my afro!

    I already follow you! :)

    I checked out Theresa’s site!

    I would love to win because I have NEVER won anything on blogger. :)

    Wow those are beatiful, would love to win :-)

    I would love to win! I am entering.

    ~Hannah Rebekah

    I am your newest follower and would love to win! I checked out the blog and website and think the creations are so pretty. I would love to have one to wear in my hair!
    : 0 )

    I am a follower =)
    I looked at her website and she does beautiful work, everything is so pretty and feminine. BTW your macro shots are great!

    New follower. Love the clip! I think it would look beautiful on my daughter.

    i’m going to HAVE to go to her site b/c i love the pieces, but also, i’m thinking your photography makes them prettier than they are??? beautiful, crisp images!! :)