August 02, 2010
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Macro Monday: Aleve
Remember how my neck and back were in pain a week or so ago? I started thinking about my cross-country flight and decided I better bring some Aleve. Of course that also means I should photograph the pills macro style.
The Pills Blog
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By the way, if you’re visiting my blog and notice that I haven’t officially linked up with Lisa at Macro Monday, would you please link me up? Thanks in advance and have a great day!

    I love this macro shot! Or macro shots in general, which is why when I do take pictures I take lots and lots of macros.

    Whoa! Never thought of photographing pills! Seriously I’ll SO be copying you!

    Love the blue!! Linked you up. Have a great trip!

    If yo uonly knew how much ALeve makes it possible for me to even walk. YOur photo should be a poster to my life… now if I could jsut get a theme song to play…

    Love the shot Ashley!

    Now THAT is shallow dof, lol! Love the super-sharp texture of the in-focus plane of the pills and the subtle reflection below. Nice job “seeing” something that most people wouldn’t really even “look” at.

    LOVE this! :) The color and composition are so pretty.

    cool….. love it…. need to do a macro today…… I don’t have anything from last week and really need to get out and shoot this week. Schuyler is in karate camp and I am going to visit and shoot one day — got permission from the Sence (sp) Mike. :) Should be fun. Starting to make a list of things I want to photograph and locations too. Thanks for the motivation…. when you post something it kicks me! :) Cheers to your amazing work my friend.

    Oh my goodness… in the world can you make a couple of pills look so good in a photo??? Great job! I’ve got a pack of Rockets here….might try some macro’s with them now….

    LOL – very creative composition. ;) I’ll check & see if you’ve been linked up. Safe travels!

    Funny entry, not that you are in pain, but the humour behind the irony of photographing them for today.

    Aleeve, are my best friends sometimes also.

    I hope you don’t need them to much!

    I love the composition. The white surface brings out the blue color, I can’t believe I’m talking about a pill so aesthetically. Good job.

    Awesome! I want to see what you can do with gel pills!

    (hopefully you won’t need the Aleve)

    very creative and different, excellent work here.

    Very clever! Who knew some pain pills could be so lovely??

    fun! Aleve is excellent for sore muscles, and i find i usually only have to take it the once.

    I got stung three times by a swarm of bees today – I need some of these! Great DoF.